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An Essential Workshop to teach you how to find a job in clinical practice and preparing a stress-free country move
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The new challenges of the Brexit COVID-19 UK practice


Less Job Offers Available in Practice

More Competition From UK-Based Vets

More Barriers to Entry in the UK

The Three Main Barriers to Finding a UK Job

There are three main obstacles to finding a job in the “new” world of Brexit and COVID-19:

  1. You can’t compete with UK-trained and UK-based vets, since they have comparatively better skills than you.
  2. There are less options for you to apply for and most are looking for someone with more experience than you.
  3. Your job application doesn’t highlight your existing skills as well as it should.

Have You Prepared for What You're Going to Face?

There’s a lot more to moving to the UK than just finding a job. We know that and this is why we have put together an interactive virtual workshop that walks you through the four biggest steps of your transition: the job, the clinical skills, the knowledge of the UK profession and the actual move.

Our goal is simple – to give you the best chances of happy success in the shortest amount of time possible.

Our Preparation Workshop

6 hours of training delivered online in an interactive format with workbooks, templates, proofreading and access to the recordings for 3 months. Proofreading, mock interview, ongoing WhatsApp support and private introductions to major UK employers. The best preparation you can get from the leading industry experts!

Who Is this workshop for?

This workshop is not suitable for every veterinarian that wants to work in the UK and it has been designed for EU-trained vets that have EU nationality and a veterinary degree directly recognised by the RCVS. 

RCVS Registration

The workshop was designed for vets that studied in EU member states at EAEVE-accredited universities, that won’t need to sit the RCVS examination after Brexit.

Job Type

The workshop is for vets that wish to work in private clinical practice, particularly with small animals (dogs and cats). Only small animal medicine is covered on the clinical preparation, but all areas are covered on the other sections.

You want a job in the next 6 months

The workshop is best suited for vets that are looking to get a job in the 3-6 months after the workshop takes place.

Inside the Workshop

Day 1, between 9h30 and 11h00

Job Search

This part is dedicated to understanding the type of roles available and how clinical practice is structured, tools to find job offers, how to find out the hidden value of your current skills (even if you think you don’t have any!) and creation of your CV and cover letter using tested templates.

Day 1, between 11h15 and 13h00

Clinical preparation

Dedicated to teach you the structure of the UK consultation, common clinical presentations in small animal practice, associated medical English, as well as diagnostic and treatment approaches.

Day 2, between 9h30 and 11h00

UK Laws and Regulations

Dedicated to teaching you about the Code of Professional Conduct, as well as professional laws and regulations that you should become familiar with, such as microchipping, prescription of medicines and radiation law, as well as delegation of veterinary tasks to veterinary nurses.

Day 2, between 11h15 and 13h00

Country Move

Dedicated to show you what to expect from the British culture, how to budget for the move, how to plan the move, accommodation and dealing with bureaucracies such as your tax ID and bank accounts.

Upcoming Workshops

27 Sept and 4 Oct



27 September: Job Search + Clinical Preparation

2 October: UK laws + Country Move


The best preparation for your future career

This workshop will help you find the best job but also prepares you to move to the UK and deliver on that job, so you don’t feel like you’re drowning on your first week of work!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the workshop cost?

Access to the workshop and ongoing support costs 75€.

What extra support do I get?

Not only you have access to the workshop, you also get to send in your CV and cover letters for editing and proofreading and we will work with you directly to personally introduce you to main UK employers that we feel can offer you adequate jobs *we do not work as a recruitment agency!*

Where is the workshop?

The workshop is virtual, meaning it will be delivered online using Zoom. In the process of registering you will be creating an online account where you have access to all of the contents.

Is it recorded? What if I can't make it?

The workshop is recorded and you have access to the recordings for 3 months

Where is the content (workbooks, templates, etc.)?

They are all hosted on our private e-learning platform, to which you will get access to when you register for the workshop.

What do I have access to on this platform then?

You have access to: 

  • The link to join the workshop
  • Download links for the different workbooks and templates
  • An upload area to send in your documents for review
  • An area with the recorded sessions


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