Working in the UK

Working in the UK brings a lot of challenges and excitement. With Brexit, it seems that the perspective of working in a less welcoming country is putting vets off from moving in. This is creating a gap in skills as half of the UK veterinary force is made of foreign vets!

There are many options for veterinary surgeons to develop a career in the UK.

Inspection and Hygiene

One of the primary ways of foreign veterinary surgeons entering the UK market.

Research and Academia

Working in laboratories or alongside Universities.

Clinical Practice

Working as a clinician, either with small animals, large animals, equines, exotics or a mixture of several of them.

Sales representatives

Although harder for newcomers, as these roles rely heavily on communication skills, these are widely available for the right candidates.

This section contains tips and tricks useful for any job that you want to apply for. These include:

Finding the jobs

Online for those far away.

Writting a CV

That is effective at getting what you want.

Send in killer cover letters

Rock everyone else and make the best impression of you.

Succeed at interviews

Sell yourself so well that the employer wants to buy your skills.