Candidates Looking for Jobs

Here you can find a list of vets that have been involved with UK VetMove in order to relocate to the UK. These candidates have received specific training on how to adapt to UK practice and culture and are in different stages of their relocation.

All candidates presented here:

  • Are registered with the RCVS or undergoing registration
  • Have a level of English that is considered at least satisfactory for working in a client-facing role
  • Are looking for a job within the next 6 months
  • Have received a form of introductory formation on UK practice and culture

We do not operate as a recruitment agency and do not charge for introducing you to these candidates or referring you other suitale candidates for your vacancy. 

Top Performance for New Employees

Overseas vets need to adjust to a new way of work but also what is often a completely new culture. Our Mentoring Packages allow practices to make sure they become golden employees as soon as possible to increase profitability, performance and retention and maintain a healthy harmony in the workplace.

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