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If you are either working or curious about the profession in your own country, you will be familiar with common publications that will allow vets to stay up to date with what’s relevant in the profession. Now, you might be wanting to move to the UK to start working and maybe you’re wondering “Who writes the veterinary news? How do the vets there stay up to date?”


The good news is, like you thought, there are some publications that deal with this, and many of them are accessible online. So I’ll introduce you to some here!


Vet Times

This is the big one. Practices receive it. Vets receive it. You get it often once you are working and registered… But you can also register with the website online for free and have access to all sorts of content, including a way to track your reading efforts to count as CPD should you actually already be working in the UK and needing to get those hours going…

Vet Times covers general news but includes articles, clinical cases, and it covers small, large, farm, mixed, nurses, practice management, you name it. Check out their website, registering is free.


Veterinary Record

This is the BVA journal and you will receive this if you are a BVA member. However, there is also an Open version of the journal online and several or the published articles are free to read. You don’t even need to register, just hop onto the website and browse the different issues and their themes. You will find they are often free access and you can find both opinion articles but also nice studies.


MRCVS online

So this website more about “news” and you do get more areas covered including wildlife! Now, the printed version they have is slightly different and called Practice Today, you need to register on their website and you can receive it if you are working in practice in the UK, but you can just as easily register and go around the website to keep up to date. The website is really well structured, although the advertisements are a lot more obvious (hey, that’s not always bad, especially if you are trying to learn more about a reality you’re not yet in!). is more than a place to get the news – it’s also a community that you should definitely consider joining! It offers you a forum for you to place questions and develop relations, as well as a calendar with CPD events. Of course, it does have a section on News, but it also has something more powerful.

Joining the newsletter will allow you to receive a special newsletter called Need to Know. This newsletter is curated by fellow vets, one in each area (Small Animals and Large Animals) and will inform you not only about news related to them, but also drugs and treatments, such as changes in licenses, as well as CPD and training events. In order to join the newsletter, you do need to register on the website and you can then choose to receive it on your inbox. I mean, having this delivered to your inbox and already carefully selected so you don’t miss anything important… what else could you want??? 😀


So what other places do you visit to keep up to date?

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