Your own distance-based internship In UK small animal practice
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Turn your relocation into a successful career in UK Small Animal practice and become a confident, competent and independent professional.

An overview of this virtual internship

Designed to help vets new to Small Animal UK Practice, this programme wants to make sure you feel supported in practice, develop your confidence and also your professional skills and competence, so you can become independent. UK VetSTART internship offers:

  • Individual mentoring with Dr. Andreia Dias
  • E-learning platform with online courses on clinical practice
  • Discounted access to the distance-based neutering surgery simulation training course run by Spay Academy Spain, that includes a training kit and uterine model
  • A weekly live clinical revision session, with a different topic every week
  • One case discussion every week on the community (including dog, cat and rabbit cases)
  • A live Q&A session every 2 weeks
  • A live virtual workshop on clinical and non-clinical topics every month
  • Access to Andreia’s private WhatsApp for OOH support
  • An online community of other vets you can speak to

The Foundations of Success

We own ourselves but are surrounded by others. In order to “succeed”, we must develop our own skills and personality while maintaining the best possible relationship with others around us. And, of course, the pets we all love so much!

This is what we aimed to bring with this special distance-based internship programme.

Own Your Career

Become confident, competent and independent quickly and easily with the ongoing support that you want (but may not be getting) in your first UK job.

The UK VetSTART distance-based internship

The Principles Behind our Programme

What we want you to develop

Our distance-based internship follows a 5-STEP method that was specifically designed for foreign vets starting their career in UK Small Animal Practice, providing support with your clinical decisions, growing your skills and confidence levels. The method is underpinned by the four principles highlighted, which are unique to our internship programme.

Inside the internship

Here are the five areas we approach during the UK VetSTART distance-based internship.


Science and Knowledege

UK-tailored professional knowledge that the University didn’t teach you about.


Technical Competence

Joining skills and intelect to gain the practical competences required for day-to-day practice.


Achievements and Goals

Preparing for the life and career you dreamed of when you decided to move to the UK and continuing growth beyond work.



Nurturing healthy and harmonious relationships and fighting loneliness.


Transformation and Adaptability

Understanding the British culture and learning to play the game by the rules so you can win it.

Science and knowledge

Avoid embarrassment in front of clients and colleagues out of pure lack of knowledge. Stop panicking when that “difficult” case comes in and you “have no idea” what’s wrong. Prepare intellectually for performing practically.

The internship gives you:

  • Weekly live webinar with revision of common clinical presentations
  • Access to our e-learning platform with foundations of clinical knowledge for UK practice and more than 20 modules
  • Weekly case discussions
  • Workshops and masterclasses on consultation skills and diagnostics

Technical competence

Become confident with routine surgery and proudly take part in the surgery rota in practice – even if you’re a beginner. Own the consultation room to achieve better patient outcomes and improve your reputation.

The internship gives you:

  • Priority access to a practical 5-day neutering training course for bitch spays in Spain
  • Discounted access to our distance-based spay simulation course with a surgical kit so you can develop your techniques skills away from practice
  • Live Q&A session on a bi-weekly basis to allow you to share all your questions
  • Interactive workshops to develop your skills
  • Weekly case discussions and challenges
  • Individual mentoring (2 sessions per month) to discuss cases

Achievements and goals

Create a life outside of work that you truly enjoy and have time for. Programme your career objectives and achieve those goals to do more formation, improve your skills and receive a higher salary.

The internship gives you:

  • Interactive workshops on career planning, building resilience, mindset and health and fitness
  • Individual mentoring to maintain accountability and provide tailored advice
  • Community to share your own experiences (private Facebook Group + WhatsApp group)


Deal with angry and difficult clients easily. Have clients do as you ask without feeling forced and make them like you even more. Ask for what you want from your boss and co-workers without putting tension on the relations.

The internship gives you:

  • Interactive workshops on career communication, conflict resolution and persuasion
  • Individual mentoring to provide support and advice for specific situations
  • Community outside of work to have a sense of belonging and tribe

Transformation and Adaptability

Understand the British culture and the “rules of the game” so you can achieve your goals. Develop empathy and stop feeling insecure, miserable and lonely in a foreign country. Stop feeling like an outsider.

The internship gives you:

  • Interactive workshops on culture awareness and integration
  • Individual mentoring to help deal with specific situations
  • Intercultural community to exchange experiences and maintain connection with home culture

Make Your Career Decisions

Become confident, competent and independent quickly and easily with the ongoing support that you want (but may not be getting) in your first UK job.

What does the internship look like?

This programme is delivered 100% online and offers you a variety of content on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis.



  • E-learning platform with foundations of clinical practice course
  • Individual 1:1 sessions with Andreia (2 per month)
  • Private community (Facebook and WhatsApp)
  • Andreia’s private WhatsApp (can be used OOH for advice)
  • Discount code for distance-based spay simulation course


  • Live webinar on a clinical topic every Tuesday at 8PM (recorded so you can review it later)
  • New clinical case for discussion on Facebook Community (alternating between dog, cat and exotic)


  • Live Q&A session with Andreia on Saturdays (recorded so you can review them)


  • Virtual workshop (Saturday morning), which includes activities and workbooks and may be presented by a guest speaker – it will also be recorded so you can access it later

Who is your mentor?

Dr Andreia Dias MRCVS DVM MSc ISFMAdvCertFB

Hi, colleague

I’m Andreia, the founder of UK VetMove. I’m also a vet by training (graduating form the University of Lisbon in 2014), and although I wanted to be a horse vet, my plans changed on my first job, which was a mixed job in Scotland. I gained experience with all species and moved onto a small animal internship at Glasgow University. I then worked as a locum in several small animal practices throughout Scotland and Portugal, which I still do.

In 2018 I completed the ISFM Advanced Certificate in Feline Behaviour with Distinction and have also been working in feline-only practices (feline-friendly consultations are a thing I really enjoy!).

UK VetMove started in 2016 and I’ve also picked up the managing reigns of VetAbroad, PracticeAid and Spay Academy Spain in 2020. I’m now much more involved in the formation and training of fellow vets, allowing me to express my true passion – teaching! 🙂 I don’t have all the answers, but I will do my best to help you find them!

Some important marks in my career:

  • Completion of my Advanced Certificate in 2018
  • Finalist of the BVA Young Vet of The Year Award 2019
  • Part of the BVA Member Benefits Committee
  • Part of the “Gabinete Jovem” of the Portuguese Order of Veterinarians
  • Speaker for the BSAVA Congress 2021

Join Your Own Small Animal Internship Now

Not sure if this is the right programme for you? Andreia will explain how it works and help you make an unbiased decision that takes into consideration what’s best for your own career goals!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my practice pay for this?

This programme counts as CPD and your practice may be happy to pay it for you using your CPD allowance. We recommend you speak to them before joining the programme, and we can produce an invoice for the practice directly.

DO I need to pay when I register?

You can try the internship for 7 days free of charge. You can cancel your subscription at any time. If you cancel before the end of the trial period, you do not pay anything. Please note that the trial does not include access to the monthly workshop.

How long does this internship last for?

We offer a monthly subscription to the internship for convenience, but the programme is designed to rotate topics every 12 months. 

Is this recorded? What if I can't make it?

All the live sessions are recorded for you to access in case you’re unable to attend, or if you just want a revision! 

How much time do I need to dedicate to this internship?

How much time is up to you! We recommend attending the clinical revision sessions (1h per week) and the workshops (3h per workshop, once a month). Remember though, you also have the individual sessions for when you need help. We know you’re busy and we want you to have fun with this internship! 🙂 You can do the cases at your will, spend as much time talking to others as you want, and so on!

What do I get when I sign up?

You gain immediate access to the e-learning platform, discount codes and courses, as well as all previous recordings for clinical revision sessions, workshops, Q&A sessions and so on. You can also arrange your mentoring sessions with Andreia immediately and attend the next live sessions. You will only be able to attend the monthly workshop if you pay the subscription fee.

I'm an employer and I would like to put an employee through this programme. How do I do that?

If you’re an employer, you have two options:

1. Get the employee to register using the practice details for billing information and selecting “bank transfer” as payment method (a PDF invoice is produced)

2. Email us with the billing information requesting a manual invoice with details for bank transfer. 

Can I cancel this at any time?

Yes you can, and there is no fee for cancelling at all! 

Still have questions? Want Andreia to answer them?

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WhatsApp: +44 07918796877

Would you like to arrange a session with Andreia to talk about the internship? (if so, let her know about your availability on the message below)

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