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What Exactly is UK VetSchool? Do I really need it?

First steps for a successful career

The UK has a lot to offer non-UK vets and nurses, and UK practices need experienced clinicians. Around 900 overseas vets register every year with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons – that’s more than register from within the UK.

However, the everyday realities of practice life can be very different from practice in in other countries. As a result, almost a third of non-UK vets have returned to their own countries within 24 months of registering with the RCVS, many of them without even having found a first job.

What you can find inside UK VetSchool


Clinical Practice


Research Material

Virtual Workshops

Career Planning



Make the Move!

Online Learning Center 

As part of our commitment to help Veterinary personal to move to the UK, we created the online learning portal UK VetSchool.

UK VetSchool is a full-featured interactive learning center, with hundreds of resources, lessons and support material. But UK VetSchool is so much more than this, as our members are tutored throughtout their learning process.


Based on the five principles of success for overseas vets, UK VetLEAP is your own new graduate programme where you will find colleagues and the blueprint to start your career on the right foot.

Impress your boss, colleagues and become the vet the clients want to see. Plan your career and live your life.

The modules inside UK VetLEAP are hosted in UK VetSchool.

UK VetStart

UK VetStart is a training and mentoring programme with an individualized approach to clinical practice on the job as an overseas vet.

This is an amazing mentoring programme for Veterinary Surgeons that already have some experience in their own country, but are about to start to their first clinical practice job in the UK.

The programme includes access to modules and resources to develop clinical training, communication skills and individual mentoring. Get a deep insight about veterinary practice in the UK, so you can take the best decisions for your patients and achieve professional proficiency quickly. Achieve career success and balance in your personal life.

UK VetTalks

Clear communication, understanding and being understood, these are fundamental for your success as a Veterinary Surgeon in the UK.

UK VetTalks is aimmed at improving the candidates English and communication level.  It offers online individual English lessons, group meetings, and focuses on clinical topics and speaking classes, while also introducing common and technical terms specific to the UK.

Our goal is to help you communicate with clients in the consultation room and become the vet that they want to see next time!

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