Clinical Training and Relocation Programmes

Make the Best out of Your Country Move

What do you need to work in small animal practice and create a successful career in the UK as a foreigner? 

The New World of Brexit and COVID

The world we live in is changing faster than ever. A year ago, I would have given you completely different advice than I do today.

Finding a job in the UK is now harder. You have more competition, more qualified competition and less vacancies. You have less chances.

But that doesn’t mean you should give you. It just means you have to prepare better!

And adapting to the UK way of work was never easy. With overwhelm in many practices and constant changes, many are slipping behind or just not having the time to support newcomers appropriately. That’s not what you had in mind when you decided to move in!

Your battle

Your friends did it, and it looked so easy. Just a few emails, a few interviews, and they had offers. But now it doesn’t seem as easy or straighforward for you. You don’t get as many replies. While it took a few days for them, now you’re waiting for weeks. Now what? You don’t want to search for months and months on end… why did your friends manage it, but you don’t? 

It does get easier when you already have UK experience or when you already are a competent vet. The time of new graduates finding a UK job easily while living abroad is not returning for a few months or maybe years.

But it doesn’t stop there… How do you navigate the world of Brexit and COVID to move to a new country? The last thing you need are setbacks that cost you time, money and your sanity!

And when you think you’ve done, you start working and realise things are not what you expected and you may not be developing as quickly as you were hoping – actually, maybe you feel like you’re “unlearning” what you knew!


How do you make it worth all the sacrifices you’ve done to move abroad?

What You Need to Get Right




Emotional Well-being

Cultural Flexibility

How to increase your odds

You’re living abroad, you’re competing with UK-trained vets and you’re competing with foreign vets that already live and work in the UK. You compete for the same vacancies, but you have one major disadvantage: you don’t know the UK veterinary world nearly as well as any of them. 

So you need to develop the inside knowledge of UK practice so you can show during job search that you know what you’re getting yourself into and what is expected of you. You need to develop your clinical skills, your understanding of UK practice and the ability to communicate and live in a different culture. 

Then, you must be able to show this during job applications so you have a chance of taking your competition eye to eye.

Problem is, it’s called “inside knowledge” for a reason – you normally only get it from gaining UK experience. And that’s exactly what you’re lacking.

This is why our training programmes focus especially on giving you the knowledge and tools that will put you back in the race for job opportunities and actually allow you to do your job well when you get it.

UK VetMOVE - Clinical Training and Relocation Programme

You can't wait to start working in the UK, but you know it's not going to be easy. You have no UK experience and you have very little experience in your own country too. You miss key surgical skills expected of you in UK practice. You know that finding a job is not as easy as before and you're probably frustrated with the lack of results and replies. It doesn't look fair, your friends had it easy!

At UK VetMove, we believe that YOU should be able to make the decisions about your career and your life. We believe in giving YOU that power, which is why we are developing a remarkable solution for your search in the post-COVID world.

This is a clinical training and relocation programme that supports you through every single part and challenge of your job search, clinical development and ongoing support.


UK VetTalks - Improve your English, Communication and Clinical Knowledge

You don't feel like your English is good enough. You realise you can't say what you want fast enough, your brain gets tired from translating things all the time and you see people doing funny faces when you talk to them in English. You start to feel like your language skills are horrible and worry about going into consultations. Maybe you're already working and you've even had clients complain that they don't understand you...

So you want to get better with your language and communication. Wouldn't it be great if you could also polish your clinical knowledge while you do it?

This is what UK VetTalks offers you - the opportunity to work on your speech, your vocabulary, your medical terms and your client discussions, all while learning about the clinical practice that you are actually going to be doing in the UK. Win-win!

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