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How do you create a successful clinical career and life in the UK as an overseas vet?

What they don’t tell you

Many practices are not prepared to take on and help an overseas vets through the intercultural challenges. Many vets are also not prepared for the cultural shock they are going to face when they start working…

It gets easier, but it can get too hard before it gets easier and you may give up too soon.

Does This Sound Familiar to You?

You’ve started working in clinical practice but sometimes you feel like you’re left to “figure it out” for yourself… making you feel insecure and worried you will make a mistake and hurt your patients…

You keep asking yourself if you’ve made the right choice moving to the UK and accepting your current job… you’re not sure you’re going to get what you were expecting…

You’re struggling to understand the clients, you’re not getting along well with the team members, you’re finding it difficult to do the tasks at your work and feel good about them, even the place you are living in… and in general you feel alone and like an outsider…

Do you feel like an “incompetent foreigner”?

The Principles Behind our Programmes




Emotional Well-being

Cultural Flexibility

No principles = No win

So many overseas vets think that they have all they need in the new graduate programmes, or in a supportive job… But the truth is, success is different for everyone, but for an overseas vet, it has to include support for emotional well-being and a level of cultural adaptation. If you only have the knowledge, skills and communication, you are a “good” vet. You only become a “happy” vet when you get your emotional well-being right… And you only become a “happy and fulfilled” person when you come to terms with where you live and those around you.

All of our programmes follow these five principles and you will not find any other clinical training programmes that understand that you need these five to succeed.

Do you need a push to succeed?

There are many ups and downs when moving to the UK and starting work. Knowing what you are struggling with the most will help you adjust quicker and get where you want to be.

This free scorecard lets you find out which areas you are struggling with the most and how to overcome those challenges so you feel happy in your job and your new life.

UK VetStart – For the first UK job in practice

You started your first UK job but you don’t think you quite get the support you need. Maybe they assume you already know how to do things because you have some experience in your own country. Maybe the practice is understaffed, or maybe they’re always busy.  But you still want to do a good job, impress your boss and make sure you can treat your patients and see your clients happy. You know the UK is not the same as back home!

UK VetStart gives you all the support you need to achieve this on your first job to make sure you grow and learn, even if you have limited support. It’s flexible and it’s there for you during your OOH shifts and well after your first appraisal and review, with some of our vets receiving support for more than six months. 

It focuses on getting you to:

  • Adjust your differential diagnosis, diagnostic options and treatment options to the UK reality
  • Understand differences in procedures, protocols, rules, laws and regulations for UK practice
  • Understand and effectively communicate with British clients
  • Develop your own emotional well-being and resilience
  • Adapt to your new cultural surroundings

UK VetTalks – Improve your Communication and Clinical Knowledge

You’ve moved to the UK and maybe even started working. Now you realise you can’t say what you want fast enough, your brain gets tired from translating things all the time and you see people doing funny faces when you talk to them. You start to feel like your language skills are horrible and worry about going into consultations. Maybe you’ve even had clients complain that they don’t understand you…

So you want to get better with your language and communication. Wouldn’t it be great if you could also polish your clinical knowledge while you do it?

This is what UK VetTalks offers you – the opportunity to work on your speech, your vocabulary, your medical terms and your client discussions, all while learning about the clinical practice that you are actually going to be doing in the UK. Win-win!

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