Step-by-Step RCVS Registration

Easy, simple to follow, get your membership with the RCVS without going back and forth always with support for your questions as you go along.

One foot in, as easy as taking one step after the other

Organised, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions to allow you to register with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons regardless of where you’ve graduated.

What's the problem?...

You want to work as a vet in the UK. And maybe you didn’t even know you need to register with the RCVS to do that.

At least if you want to practice acts of veterinary surgery in the United Kingdom (aka do what vets do especially in clinical practice!).

It may be confusing and overwhelming (did you just find out about it?…)

It might be expensive.

But doing it is now easier.

So you found out you need to register with the RCVS. Now you’re trying to do it but you’re getting lost on the website, clicking new links all the time (or old ones, you don’t know anymore), and there just seems to be more and more information that you need to know… Where are all the answers???

We have simplified it for you


No more back and forth

Forget about visiting the website then going back then trying to remember if you have already read the information on that other page and downloaded that document. It’s all in one place.


No more waiting for answers

How do you get this document? Do you need this one or that one? Both? Waiting for replies to your emails with questions and still confused? No more – your answers are inside this course.

All the instructions in one document that you can edit

And in the end…

… you’re ready to start your career abroad!

Easy to use...

Your cat could do it! (ok, not really, but that would be cute!)

  1. Log into the course
  2. Download and follow the instructions on the workbook
  3. Use the videos and other resources to guide you on the steps required in the workbook
  4. (Pass the exam if you need to take it)
  5. Become a Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeon!

Ready to work as a vet!

Just simple, organised instructions for you to follow – and a way to get any unanswered questions heard

Register without sweating, so you can invest your precious time in other things that matter to you (such as cuddling with kittens and puppies. Or maybe searching for that dream job!)

This course offers you the resources to understand the responsibilities you get when you become a member of the RCVS and how to do so in a convenient platform that you get lifetime access to. All you need organised in one place!

A workbook with step-by-step instructions.

Videos to answer your questions and walk you through the different steps.

Extra resources so you understand what it means to become a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Please note that, while at UK VetMove we do our best to bring you value and keep everything up to date, we are not affiliate with the RCVS. If you have queries during the course that we are not able to answer (albeit unlikely, it might happen since no one knows everything!), you should contact the RCVS directly.

"Do I need to register with the RCVS? And how much does it cost?"

These are the two most common questions – do you even need to do it, and how much money will it cost?


These are the answers:

  1. You need to register with the RCVS if you want to work as a veterinary surgeon and perform diagnosis, prescription, provide advice based on diagnosis or perform surgery in the UK
  2. To be part of the RCVS, you need to pay a yearly fee of over £300 if your Veterinary Degree is recognised, or up to £2500 if you need to sit an examination if your Veterinary Degree is not recognised

Find out quickly whether you need to sit the examination or not:

In what country did you get your Veterinary Diploma?

Who is it for?

  • For vets that want to work in the UK, especially those interested in clinical practice and public health
  • For vets that are feeling overwhelmed and that want to follow straight-forward, clear instructions to register with the RCVS
  • For vets that want to understand their role and responsibility in the profession (before they even join it in a new country)
  • For vets dedicated to integrating themselves in the culture of the UK

Who is it NOT for?

  • Vets that that do not know if they need to sit the Statutory Examination and can’t register with the RCVS if they do
  • Vets that are already studying to pass the Statutory Examination (the course will teach you how to apply for the Examination but will NOT adequately prepare you for it)
  • Vets that do not need to practice acts of veterinary medicine in order to work (for instance, vets that are undertaking exclusively research roles)

Get lifetime access now!

For 50€ you can get lifetime access to this course and all the resources 🙂

Inside the course

Welcome Module

How to navigate the course.

Module 1 – The RCVS and Your Responsibilities

The module covers who the RCVS is, frequent question about registering, the Code of Conduct and your ongoing education responsibilities (PDP and CPD).

Module 2 – Registration (for those that do not need to sit an examination)

The module contains a workbook for you to follow as well as all the resources to be able to follow the instructions. You can go through everything in one day provided you already have all the requested documents. However, most of the times, you will have to wait for some of those documents – which is great because you can go back to module 1 (as you don’t have to do it in order to get to module 2!)

Module 3 – Registration (for those that need to sit an examination)

The module contains a workbook for you to follow as well as all the resources to be able to follow the instructions. It does not prepare you for the examination, but it will provide you with some tips and resources to aid you with your study.

Who is guiding you?

Andreia Dias

Andreia Dias

My name is Andreia and I’m also a vet. I have also moved from abroad. I have had to register with the RCVS too (wasn’t all nice and smooth on my end!). Since 2016 I have been gathering resources on this website and using my time to help other foreign vets move in and adjust to a life and career in the UK.

Common Questions

Why would I pay for something that I can do for free?...

Well, because time is money and this course will save you time (and headaches!) when it comes to the process 🙂 Plus – every 6 months we give away half of the money from the sales to the RCVS Knowledge, a charity supported by the RCVS. So you’re actually contributing to it directly! 😀

Ok, so what exactly is this???

This a step-by-step online course that will provide you with background information for your RCVS registration and walk you through it step-by-step. You have support material to have your questions answered and an easy way to contact me directly if your questions are not answered!

So this is an online course?

Yes, this is an online course that you can access immediately after you join. The course is hosted in our own platform (here at ukvetmove.com) through our secure servers. After you purchase the course, you just need to Login and go to “My Courses” – and you’re ready to start!

What does it cover?

The course covers: who is the RCVS, the Code of Conduct for Veterinary Surgeons, common questions about registering, how to register (step-by-step guide including how to get the documents you need), choosing and attending the registration appointment and the Statutory Examination for Membership.

And maybe something else *angel face*

What type of materials are in the course?

The course has both notes, downloadable templates and videos. It comes with a workbook with all the steps you need to take.

Will I be a member of the RCVS after doing this course?

You will if you follow the workbook and if you pass the RCVS examination if you need to. Please note that, although there are some tips and resources to help you with the examination, this course does not adequately prepare you to pass it! It takes a much longer course for that! :p You will, however, be able to find practices you can visit while you prepare for the examination.

What happens if I'm not happy with the course?

Please let us know why you are not satisfied! We always try to make these thinking about what you need and how we can help you! If you are not happy with the course, you have a 14-day money-back guarantee after enrolment – we just ask that you are honest with us 🙂 If you cancel your course subscription, you cease to have access to all the material in the platform (but you still have access to our website content).

I have a discount code, how do I use it?

Just add your discount code on the “Coupon Code” box in the checkout page and click “Apply Coupon”. The price will be updated and you can continue the checkout process 🙂 Here’s how the “Coupon Code” box looks like:

Do I need to register on this website to access the course?

Yes – you will need to create an account if you are not registered with the platform, but this will be done automatically when you purchase your course 🙂 If you have already registered with ukvetmove.com, you can just log in during the checkout.

Total (lifetime!) cost: 50€

Want it?

Get full lifetime access to the course for 50€. Start your dream now!