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Working for overseas vets

Supporting overseas vets and their employers

Clinical Skills

Adjusting to a different type of practice is one of the hurdles overseas vet face when they start their career in the UK and insecurities around their skills are quick to show.

Language Skills

Language and communication are deeply connected and language barrier can hinder the communication skills of overseas vets, even if they actually have a high development in that area.

Career Paths

Mismatches with expectations regarding career goals for overseas vets come from them being unfamiliar with the realities of UK veterinary practice. The process of job applications can feel like a minefield for overseas vets and be filled with uncertainty for those considering hiring those vets.

UK VetStart - Clinical Mentoring

Focused on small animal clinical practice and discussing particular challenges, the mentoring programme allows for intensive and tailored support to increase confidence levels with client communication, diagnosis, treatment and prescription appropriate for UK practice.
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English for Vets

Good communication calls for good English skills, something overseas vets may struggle with in terms of spoken fluency and tehcnical terminology. As vets, we spend our days telling stories to clients and it's important to find the right words. Our English offerings take into consideration communication aspects as well as medical English.
Group lessons (speaking)

Career Support and Job Applications

Knowing what to look for, what to expect and what is valued in the UK market is not easily found. Our CV and Cover Letter services help overseas vet with successful job applications by understanding which of their skills are being valued.
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Online webinars on a variety of themes that can be useful for both vets looking to improve their life or employers working with overseas vets.
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Speaking and in-house CPD

Employing and working with overseas vets comes with its own set of challenges and sometimes understanding where the differences come from can shed new light on team relations. If you would like me to directly share experiences and knowledge in the area, feel free to contact me to discuss this.
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