“Real Life Journeys”

This week we talk to Fiammetta, a fellow Italian Vet who’s been using her veterinary skills to travel the world.

Starting in Europe and flying down to “Oz”

Fiammetta Baccetti is an Italian vet that has lived in the UK for 2 years, from 2017 to 2019, working as a small animal surgeon and general practitioner. She has then moved to Australia, where she is currently living. 

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Where and when did you graduate? 

I graduated from the University of Pisa (Italy) in 2015.

What made you search for different opportunities in a different country? 

There are several reasons why I decided to leave my country searching for different job opportunities. First of all I would like to clarify that this is just my personal experience, and there are many colleagues that are happy working as vets in Italy; but I personally found challenging the contrast between the high number of vets that graduate in Italy every year in comparison with the actual job opportunities. Also, I always loved seeing new places and learning about new cultures, so I figured that if I could do the job that I love while traveling..that would be a dream!

Why did you choose to move to the UK? 

I chose the UK because of the many job opportunities that has to offer, and the high quality in veterinary care standards that is famous around the world.

What was most challenging about your move? 

The most challenging part was definitely the fact that I moved all by myself, not knowing anyone. As a consequence, at the beginning I often felt unsure about my decision and I was missing my family and friends. Thankfully though, I didn’t give up and I quickly made many amazing friends.

How easy was it for you to find your first job? Did you get the job you wanted?

To be honest it was unbelievably easy to find a job! In England there are many great vet recruitment agencies and I quickly had many job interviews organised in few days. Next thing I knew, I was on a flight to the UK and I did all the interviews; I was lucky enough to receive job offers from all of them and I could choose the place that I liked the most..and I was really happy of my choice for years!

How did you career evolve once you were in the UK?

I came to the UK with limited experience, after one year working between Italy and Spain, but it was only in England that I had the chance to put hands on the job in first person and with full responsibilities! It was scary at first, but the silver lining was that I quickly gained lots of confidence and skills, improving every day. This way, I also had the opportunity to learn what I liked more and also which parts of the job I liked less, and started realising that I will focus my future career in small animal surgery.

What are your future plans?

I recently decided that I am ready for a new adventure, and just a couple of months ago I left England and moved all the way to Australia! This was a very difficult decision because to be enabled to work as a vet surgeon in Australia I have to do the National Veterinary Examination, a long process full of exams that can take years before completion!

What part do you think your move to the UK has played in your life and career?

My experience in the UK definitely taught me that we should never be scared of trying new things. Everything is difficult at the beginning, but I learnt that for cool things to happen, you have to get out of your comfort zone! Especially if there is even a small part of you that is not happy about your current life, you should try make a change and see what happens..worst case scenario, you can always go back!

What’s the most important piece of advice you would give to someone that wants to create a career in the Veterinary field in the UK?  

In these years I had the chance to speak with many vets thinking about moving to the UK, and my advice has always been: just do it! The only limitation could be the language: if like me you come from a not english speaking country, I usually suggest to do a good english course prior to start your working adventure; and this is just because it can be difficult to learn how to work as a vet in the UK if there is a language barrier as well.
But even if England wasn’t my last stop as a travelling vet, it was a life changing experience and I am glad I did it!

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