Job Applications for Veterinary Surgeons

£17.50 inc. VAT

A revisioned guide written for Veterinary Surgeons to help with the creation of great quality job applications, covering CV creation, cover letter creation and interview preparation, especially focused on foreign Vets applying for jobs in the United Kingdom.

It covers:

  • A brief introduction to the importance of your CV
  • How to create your CV
  • Myths about CV creation
  • The goals of cover letters
  • Steps to create a cover letter
  • Cover letter structure
  • Dos and Don’ts of a cover letter
  • What to do before a job interview
  • How to show up to a job interview
  • What to expect from a job interview
  • Questions for the interviewer
  • What to do after the job interview
  • How to get references

Number of pages: 25

Includes a CV Template as a BONUS!



A guide created thinking about best practices to create your CV, cover letters and how to prepare job interviews for Veterinary Surgeons. Particularly useful for foreign vets that are trying to get their first roles in the United Kingdom.

This is a PDF guide that you can download immediately after purchase. You also receive a BONUS editable CV template to fill up as you follow through the guide.


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