English For Vets | Intermediate Level | “On the phone”

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English Lesson For Veterinary Surgeons | Intermediate Level | “On the Phone”

A vet discusses patient results and treatment plan with the owner over the phone. We will listen to their conversation.

You have access to:

  • Conversation audio
  • Conversation transcript
  • English language module
  • Clinical skills and client communication module
  • Exercises and questionnaires
  • A certificate of completion


English Lesson For Veterinary Surgeons | Intermediate Level | “On the phone”

This intermediate lesson is based on a phone conversation where the vet is discussing test results and a treatment plan with the owner.

You have access to the conversation audio and transcript. The lesson has the following modules:

English Practice Module:

  • Idiomatic language
  • Question tags
  • Short answers
  • Modal verbs
  • 3 practical exercises


Client Communication and Clinical Skills Module:

  • Technical English
  • Analysing urine samples (2 parts)
  • Common urinary problems in 1st opinion practice
  • 1 practical exercise


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