English For Vets “A routine surgery”

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English Lesson For Veterinary Surgeons | “A routine surgery”

A client brings their young dog for a routine surgical procedure. This lesson is based on the conversation between the vet and the owner during admission for the procedure.

You have access to:

  • Conversation audio
  • Conversation transcript
  • English language module
  • Clinical skills and client communication module
  • Exercises and questionnaires
  • A certificate of completion


English Lesson For Veterinary Surgeons | “A routine surgery”

This lesson focuses on the examination of a dog being admitted for routine surgery and the discussion that ensues with the owner.

You have access to the conversation audio and transcript. The lesson has the following modules:

English Practice Module:

  • Idioms and Vocabulary
  • Grammar – the use of “would”, Conditional Tenses, Future Tenses
  • 5 practical exercises


Client Communication and Clinical Skills Module:

  • Clinical records and technical language
  • Neutering in the UK. Surgical techniques: the flank approach
  • Routine anaesthesia
  • Informed consent
  • 1 practical exercise


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