English For Vets | Advanced Level | “Phone Trouble”

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English Lesson For Veterinary Surgeons | Advanced Level | “Phone Trouble”

The vet discusses patient evolution with the client on the phone and must address a new plan. We will listen to their conversation.

You have access to:

  • Conversation audio
  • Conversation transcript
  • English language module
  • Clinical skills and client communication module
  • Exercises and questionnaires
  • A certificate of completion


English Lesson For Veterinary Surgeons | Advanced Level | “Phone Trouble”

This advanced lesson picks up on the patient from the lesson “On the Phone” with another phone conversation where the client reports on the evolution of their animal and the vet has to make some decisions and discuss the events.

You have access to the conversation audio and transcript. The lesson has the following modules:

English Practice Module:

  • Idioms and Expressions
  • Grammar – Review of Verb Tenses
  • Modal verbs
  • Third conditional Tense
  • 5 practical exercises


Client Communication and Clinical Skills Module:

  • Technical language
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Diagnostic techniques for urinary problems
  • Addressing urinary infections
  • 1 practical exercise


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