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List of Lessons

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Intermediate Level | "In the Consultation Room"

For this consultation, a client brings a young dog that has been vomiting. The vet collects the history, discusses the options and offers a treatment plan.

English Practice - idioms, pronouns, grammar

Integrating communication with clinical practice - history taking, examination, client communication, abbreviations

On this consultation, the vet is presented with a young patient that has been having an acute gastrointestinal upset and is collapsed. The vet collects the history, discusses the problems and risks of what is happening and offers a treatment plan.

English Practice - idioms, greeting, grammar

Integrating communication with clinical practice - sensitive information, informed consent, vaccinations, shock, clinical records and technical language

Advanced Level | "A shocky appointment"

Intermediate Level | “A Routine Surgery”

On this lesson, Daisy is going for surgery and the vet is discussing what will happen before and during surgery with the owner, as well as agreeing on some details over the perioperative care. 

English Practice – idioms, grammar (conditional tenses and future tenses)

Integrating communication with clinical practice – neutering, surgical techniques, routine anaesthesia, client communication and informed consent, abbreviations and technical language

This time, the vet is reaching out to the owner by phone to discuss some test results and treatment options for the patient.

English Practice – idiomatic language, question tags, short answers, modal verbs

Integrating communication with clinical practice – technical language, analysing urine samples, common urinary problems in 1st opinion practice

Intermediate Level | “On the Phone”

Advanced Level | "Phone Trouble"

On this lesson, we follow up on the patient from the lesson "On the Phone". The vet and the client have a discussion about the evolution of the patient and the vet needs to make a new plan. 

English Practice - idioms and expressions, grammar (review of verb tenses, third conditional tense and modal verbs)

Integrating communication with clinical practice - technical language, dealing with conflict, diagnostic techniques for urinary problems, addressing urinary infections

How to Access Your Lesson


After purchasing your lesson, log in to your account.

You should now see a menu named “My Courses” under “Dashboard” on the far right of the main menu.

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Common Questions About the Individual Lessons

How many lessons do you have?

We have started with one lesson available, but are creating more lessons for you right now. Feel free to offer us suggestions of situations you would like to see portrayed! 🙂

How are the lessons structured?

Each lesson is built upon a conversation in different circumstances. Different English subjects are reviewed and practised within each lesson and each lesson also has an entire module dedicated to the clinical aspect of the conversation.

How long does it take to complete one lesson?

This will depend on each individual but generally each lesson can be completed within 1 hour.

For how long do I have access to each lesson?

Once you buy access to a lesson, you have lifetime access to it. That means forever and ever 😀

How do I know what's inside each lesson?

We have a short description of the theme of each lesson on the lessons list below (here on this page), but you can see all the contents in each lesson by clicking the “See Lesson” button provided for each lesson.

Do I get a discount for buying more than one lesson?

We don’t yet have many lessons available, but when we have more lessons available we will create “lesson bundles” that allow you to purchase several lessons at a discounted price. For now, only individual lessons are available.

Do I need more resources than those you offer for each lesson?

No, all the resources are provided during the lesson, although we will sometimes point you to extra resources you can visit to further improve your understanding of the subject.

How do I know what English level I should pick?

English levels are divided between Intermediate and Advanced. The level also reflects the difficulty of the clinical case/situation used in the lesson. The Intermediate level is appropriate for those with good understanding of grammar and daily conversation. The Advanced level is appropriate for those proficient in oral communication and good understanding of complex grammar. If you are already working in the UK and communicating easily, you will likely gain more from the Advanced level. If you have to ask people to repeat themselves often but can speak with them and make yourself understood, you can start with the Intermediate level.

What happens if I'm not happy with the lesson I chose?

Please let us know why you are not satisfied! We always try to make these thinking about what you need and how we can help you! If you are not happy with the lesson, you have a 14-day money-back guarantee after enrolment – we just ask that you are honest with us 🙂


If you got the wrong English level, let us know by emailing me at We can swap you over to a different lesson level provided you have not completed the lesson you have purchased in the first place. If we do this, you will no longer have access to the first lesson you chose, only the lesson you get transferred to (but you still have access to our website content).

Can this count as CPD?

There is no way to have a course “CPD approved”, but “any activities you undertake in order to further your professional competence as part of a planned development programme can be counted towards your CPD“. That means if you plan on improving your communication skills and take a lesson, such can be counted as CPD.

Do you provide a certificate of completion?

Yes! 🙂 When you complete each lesson you are able to download a certificate of completion that you can then upload on your CPD records.

I have a discount code, how do I use it?

Just add your discount code on the “Coupon Code” box in the checkout page and click “Apply Coupon”. The price will be updated and you can continue the checkout process 🙂 Here’s how the “Coupon Code” box looks like:



Do I need to register on this website to access the course?

Yes – you will need to create an account if you are not registered with the platform, but this will be done automatically when you purchase your lesson 🙂 If you have already registered with, you can just log in during the checkout.

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