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Finding and getting a job in clinical practice and going through an easy country move
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The THREE pillars of success in job search and applications


Correct Preparation


Right Selection

Strong Job Application

The Three Mistakes That Prevent You From Getting a Job

These are mistakes we see overseas vets make over and over again when searching for jobs:

  1. They are not properly prepared for job search. They haven’t decided on what jobs they want, when they want to move, where they want to move to, and they haven’t registered with the RCVS. Sometimes they don’t even know that they have to register with the RCVS!
  2. They choose the wrong jobs. They can’t tell which jobs are good for them or not, or they apply for jobs that offer poor conditions, or they are set on a new graduate programme without realising the implications of that.
  3. They can’t do job applications. They don’t know how to write a CV, cover letter or how to behave during a job interview. So even when they get to the interview, they leave without knowing if it went ok or if they like the place.

Are you Ready to Work in the UK?

If you are prepared to find a job in the UK, then leave your information on our application form. We will email you back and advise you on the next steps you need to take to make your dream come true.

I’ve contacted recruitment agencies. Why do I need your help?

How long have you been searching for?…

You’ve been searching…

And you have contacted several recruitment agencies.

Were their offers appropriate?

Did they mention anything about your lack of surgical skills?

How many came up with interviews to a role that you actually want?

There are severe pitfals of not participating in your job search process – the most important ones are not finding a job at all, or finding a job that is a very bad job. Yes, you can use recruitment agencies, but you have to know the downsides of using them and you have to realise that leaving it all in someone else’s hands means you won’t get what you want, when you want.

At UK VetMove, we only work with ONE recruitment agency run by another vet that we trust to help us place vets that contact us. 

Most vets that actively work with us will find the job they were looking for in less than three months.

UK VetMove

We have seen dozens of CVs and applications. We have helped dozens of vets prepare their RCVS registration, select their dream jobs, find them and create killer applications. We have taught hundreds of vets on the pitfalls of job search and advised them on the best options. We know it can be done and you only fail when you stop searching, provided you are in the right place. This is what recruitment companies don’t tell you and you end up with a sense of false hope.

We are not a recruitment company. We work with YOU, not with the clinics. We want to make sure YOU find the job YOU want and that is right for you, not just any job.

This is why we have created our signature relocation package UK VetMove that allows you to take all of the right steps and take full control of your career choices, as well as supporting you through the actual move.

BUT THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE! Like we’ve said, you need to be at the right place to get this. To find out if you are ready, leave the information on the application form. We will email you back and let you know if you are ready for this step or if you’re wasting your time because you don’t know how to create the right conditions.

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Finding your dream job in the UK with UK VetMove


“Sara” finally decided she wanted to move to the UK, but she didn’t know where to start. She had never worked in clinical practice and she couldn’t find a job as a vet in the area she wanted in her own country – she loved wildlife and zoo work.

She didn’t believe she had any worthy experience, so she tought it would be very difficult to find a job like she wanted. She was thinking of getting just a “normal” job first and then maybe later she could go after what she really wanted, to work with wildlife and exotic species.

Despite not believing in herself, Sara decided she wanted some help and she asked for our help. Working with Sara, we made her think about what she really wanted for her career and helped her create job applications that reflected her true skills in a positive light. We showed her that yes, there were actually some jobs with descriptions that matched her dream jobs and we encouraged her to apply.

Much to her surprise, she got three offers for interviews. She visited the three practices after having some preparation for the interviews with us. She received two job offers! She couldn’t even make up her mind about which one to accept! We helped her with that too and she weighed the pros and cons to finally make a decision she was happy with.

She was thrilled to have started a job in a highly supportive place with very friendly colleagues that helped her, and she was even more amazed when she was quickly put on the rota to visit the two local zoos and look after their African wildlife. One of her first exotic patients at the clinic was a peacock!

As you see, when you have the right conditions and the right roadmap, you can go after your dreams and you don’t have to settle for less!


UK VetMove Offers You

Individual Advice for the move

Examples and Templates for your job applications


Mock Interviews to prepare for different jobs

Referrals to Employers in different sectors

Find the job you want and get it. Move to the UK with support.

UK VetMove is there to help you. But we don’t do it all for you. We guide you, we teach you, we correct you. We put you in touch with the right people, we give you the right expectations. But it’s your choice. Your career. We’re here to keep you on the right track!

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