You have probably realised by now that overseas vets have to prove themselves twice as hard as native vets, regardless of the country we are talking about! But there are also some specific traits we have as overseas vets that we can use to our advantage, particularly in UK practice.


We are brave!

Well, maybe you don’t consider yourself brave, but if you are willing to move to a completely new country, many times on your own, just because you want to do something for yourself – that makes you a brave person, someone willing to challenge themselves and embrace the unknown and the difficulties. 

This can sometimes be reflected in practice, when everyone is too afraid or insecure to try something they are uncomfortable with. You can push your boundaries and you can be the one that tries it – as long as you are guided the right way!


We are focused on our careers

Most of us move to the UK because we want to do more for our careers. Maybe we want to see more cases, maybe we want to practise high standard medicine, maybe we want to find a job that allows us to specialise in a certain area. 

One way or another, we chose the UK for the opportunities it provides to our veterinary career. That means that we are willing to work hard to get what we want and that we don’t give up easily. We often work harder than many other vets, and this is recognised within the profession.


We are willing to move to remote areas

While this is not the case for everyone, we are often willing to travel to different parts of the country, even if they are a bit more remote, for the sake of the experience and the team. This is a massive advantage that we have, as we are strong candidates for practices in remote areas that don’t always have a lot of candidates applying. And when you put that together with our next trait, you suddenly become a very attractive candidate.


We are loyal, grateful and eager to show it

A lot of times, we move to a completely new place without a lot of backup (unless you are getting a friendly shoulder with UK VetMove or friends and family). But we also value practices that are willing to give us a chance to prove ourselves, and when they do that, we do our best to make it work for them. This is different from our career aspirations. This is us thanking the practice for giving us an opportunity and trying our very best to do what they need from us. Because of this, we are more likely to stay longer with that practice (when they treat us well!).

Being “loyal” to a practice is something that is not easily found in the UK, so this is a massive point in your favour.


We are willing to change

Alright, so no one likes change, but we have proved that we are willing to take it. We have gone through a massive change just with a move to a new country. We have tons of challenges completely different from UK-trained vets and we are there, ready to take them on. We have left our friends behind, our family behind, all to make a better life for us and for them. We are willing to work the way they need us to work in the UK, and that means we are willing to change.

Change is uncomfortable. And pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is where you grow.

So never underestimate how adaptable you are and how this can help you – don’t forget… the more adaptable you are, the quicker you adjust and understand those around you, so the quicker you start to play the game by UK rules!

Overcoming challenges of clinical practice as an overseas vet

We have to prove ourselves twice as much as UK-trained vets and we are also facing particular challenges that they don’t. This free masterclass covers these challenges and how to overcome them. Watch if for free on UK VetSchool.

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