Writing a cover letter with you

If you’re struggling with writing your cover letter, we’re here to help you! For some proofreading if that’s what you need, but also writing it from scratch if you prefer!

Plans and Pricing

We can just tweak it for you, or make it from scratch!

Tell us what you want – get what you need

We can write your cover letter from scratch but we will need you to e-mail us with the following details:


Job advert

We would like to see the advert for the job you’re applying. If the ad is not available, we will need you to tell us what they are looking for so we can tailor the cover letter. You can send us a link or the ad text when we contact you by e-mail confirming your order.


Your CV

It will be very helpful for us to know how to sell you by knowing what skills you have and what skills you want to develop. Just send us in your CV together with your cover letter or with the job advert on your e-mail.

Research and a bit about you

Let us know:

  • What you liked about the job offer you’re applying for
  • How you think it can help you in your career
  • Any information you think is important about the place and position you’re applying for
  • Any extra information about yourself that is not on the CV but can be an asset

Need help with the next level?

We have a downloadable guide to help with the job application process. Keep reading because you can get 10€ off!!!

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send the information?

Once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please make sure you use a valid e-mail address when placing your order, as we will use it to contact you.

How long does it take?

We need the advertisement and a cover letter or CV, together with some information, in order to be able to start writing your letter. Please allow us up to 5 days after receiving the information to complete your order. We aim to make this period as short as possible, but sometimes this might not be doable and we don’t like empty promises!

What if I don't get my cover letter in less than 5 days?

We will let you know in advance if we are expecting to take longer than 5 days after receiving your information (cover letter/CV with the advertisement, plus personal information). If this happens, you will get a 50% refund on your order.

What if I'm not happy with what you've done?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of this service we don’t provide money refunds, as even if you are unhappy, you have already received a tailored cover letter. However, we will do one revision with changes to your cover letter free of charge after discussing what you would like us to change and why you aren’t happy.

What type of payment do you take? Is it secure?

We currently accept Paypal and Stripe payments. All information is encrypted and we don’t hold any private credit card or Paypal account information.

We can also accept bank transfers – please contact us using the form below to arrange this 🙂

Can I change your cover letter?

Absolutely! After you receive your cover letter, you can change it all you like to add a couple more things here and there, or just to re-write if for other job applications. Once you receive it, it’s yours to do whatever you would like!

But I didn't get the job with your cover letter!!!

Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee that our cover letter is going to get you the job you want… we try our best to make it professional and as tailored as possible to give you the best chances, but there’s a lot more to getting a job than having a good cover letter – though that’s a start! Please note that our service does not guarantee you will get the job.

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