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Are you looking for a job in the UK? In which side of the battle are you?
Sending emails about job offers, getting no answers Sending emails about a job offer, getting an interested reply back
Applying online to different job offers and getting rejected Applying online to a restricted number of interesting offers and getting asked to provide more information
Looking online for job offers, but not finding anything that you actually have good chances of getting Looking for job offers and pinpointing the ones you can actually get
You have your CV all done, but no one seems to be interested in it OR When you send your CV through, you get a reply back
You try to write really good cover letters, but it doesn’t look they’re taking you anywhere When you send in your cover letters you at least get some sort of response
You’ve made it to an interview or two over skype, but didn’t handle it quite the way you wanted to You’re happy chatting to people over skype, be it for a job interview or for an informal chat
You don’t know what else to do to improve your chances but you think there must be something you can do!!! You have people offering you the role you want to get and understand how you got there so you can do it all over again

So my guess is this… if you’re on the left side of the list, you want to hop onto the right side, right?

Well, let me tell you that’s entirely possible and a choice you have in your hands.

There are some myths about working in clinical practice in the UK, and there are some other things that are not myths but are still really hard to understand if you’re not familiar with how things work in the UK. Knowing the differences is what will get you where you want.

Check out if you ever heard any of these three or if you actually believe in any of them:

  • You can’t get a job in clinical practice without any experience. FALSE. Just look at my example. I hadn’t even put an IV catheter in a dog! But my first job was on a mixed practice, 85% Small Animal!
  • You can’t get a job if you’re still living abroad. FALSE. Though living in the UK makes it a lot easier, I know people that came to the UK because they had a job offer, not to look for one. And no, they’re not from the UK.
  • A great CV is all you need to get a job/you can’t get a job with a “weak” CV. FALSE. While the first one looks quite obvious, the second one might surprise you. If the CV was all that mattered, many people would get or not get jobs over that. There are no two CVs that are the same and you can make your “weak” CV into a “strong” CV if you know what to change and what the employers are looking for.

So this shows you that maybe you are believing things that are not quite like what you were thinking they were, or maybe you are approaching the subject in a suboptimal way.

None of this is your fault, obviously.

You might have received no training whatsoever during your education on how to write your CV or what a good cover letter looks like.

You might not be prepared for a job interview, even if it’s through skype – much less in person in a foreign country!

You might not know people that have achieved what you want to achieve to ask them for help, or you may have done so and they were unable to help you.

You’re probably unfamiliar with the way clinical practice works in the UK so you don’t know what the employers are looking for or how you can even reach them.

Since you don’t know how things work – because you haven’t worked there! – you’re also unsure about the best way to present your skills to the employers and make them want to hire you.

How can you do something the best possible way if you just don’t know what you need to do?

This was a bit of what I experienced when I first started to look for a job. Now, point number one, I had what you can consider an “unfair” advantage – I had already packed up and was living in the UK (you can get this “unfair” advantage too if you want to, obviously). But that’s kinda where my “luck” stopped. I was applying before having my registration complete (I also got it wrong and it took me even longer to get it sorted), which is silly because most people need a vet now, not in two months (so no wonder I was getting blank stares. Or emails). I didn’t have any clinical experience with small animals, but virtually all the offers I could see had some sort of small animal practice.

But instead of thinking that I was never gonna get hired because I didn’t have the skills required, I instead turned my skills into the assets the practices needed and did my best to turn my weaknesses into strengths.

So I went from not having any experience with small animals to being eager to increase my knowledge and technical skills regarding small animals. And, since I’m very willing and quick at learning, it meant that I would need support but I would be able to use it in the best possible way. And because I was really eager, it meant I was also really motivated.

I did my own research about CVs and cover letters and what I’ve learnt together with my experience allowed me to send 3 applications and receive one interview offer, then after going to that interview I got the job offer in less than 3 days. And I used the same strategies when I left that place, allowing me to go through another interview and get another position, this time as an intern at a University on a referral level.

Now, are you thinking to yourself “why did you go from a full-time job to a low-paid internship and got yourself a worse position?”. Right, this is the point where I start to demystify how things work in the UK. Why? Here’s what you got right in that question – it’s a much lower pay. Is it a worse position? If you want to see referral practice, hell no it’s not, it’s exactly what you want! While in many countries an “internship” is an entry position into the profession, in the UK an internship is seen as an entry position into the referral practice/specialisation. And that means it’s actually a lot more competitive than a regular full-time job. And that also explains why you are not going past the interview stages for internships, if you are getting that far, without clinical experience in the UK.

But I realised that there are some things that make people more likely to get job offers, even if they are still living abroad:

⇨ We are good communicators. We understand the language but we are also good at understanding the client. Many complaints in clinical practice are due to poor communication, so no employee is going to hire someone with an amazing CV if they suck with clients… Or they shouldn’t…

⇨ We are eager to learn about what we want to do. Our approach when something shows up and we don’t know what it is or how it’s done is not “Oh sh*t!!! I’m off!”. It’s a “wow cool, can you show me how it’s done?”.

⇨ We get along with other people. Part of getting a job in the UK is knowing how to be in a team. If you are a good team player, that’s a bonus point for you. And people do hire based on emotions!

⇨ We try. You would be surprised by how many people just “hope” for the best. That doesn’t work. Mindset, persistence, belief, they are all required for us to keep looking. If it was easy, everyone would be getting jobs after their first interview!

⇨ We are willing to learn. This is different from what I mentioned earlier about being eager to learn. This willingness to learn relates to changing our approach when something we do doesn’t get us the result we want. It’s willingness to learn where we got our letter wrong, what we could have done different on that interview, what would be a better answer for the question I was asked. It’s recognising we have room to improve and do it, rather than hide and cry for our “failures”.

⇨ We choose. Ok we might be less picky on our first job, but we’re not going to choose something we know it’s a highly competitive vacancy with virtually no chances of us getting it. Unless you’re like me and apply for a small animal job with no small animal experience xD (but let me tell you, I got that job because I was the right candidate at the time – not because of my CV or my skills!)

Not all of these skills can be “taught”, but the truth is that the brain is a brilliant machine and you can work on many of these. But, at the same time, you need to gain more knowledge about what drives people to get the results you want to get. More knowledge about how things work here. And there are ways to do it.

I created the Top Vet – Own Your Excellence program for people that want to work in clinical practice in the UK and are failing, not because they don’t have the skills, but because they are unsure how to make them meaningful for the employees or how to spot the right vacancies to apply for.

This is a 1:1 coaching experience where you have access to my knowledge and help, including resources, to improve your chances of getting the results you want. It’s a 1-month program that allows you to prepare yourself for any job you want to have. It will allow you to understand your own skills and present them on your CV and cover letters. It will give you the knowledge to tweak your CV and cover letters. We will review them and create them together. We will define what jobs you should be looking for and work in other ways for you to get them. We will prepare for your job interviews together. And even if you get a job before you finish the program, you can still get support during clinical practice.

Can you picture yourself after the program?

  • You understand your skills completely, not just your technical skills, but also your soft skills
  • You know how to write and re-write your CV for different (and future) roles
  • You know how to write a cover letter for any job application
  • You have material to refer to if you ever want to review CV and cover letter writing
  • You know what to expect from job interviews
  • You know how to prepare for job interviews
  • You are confident during conversations and job interviews, whether in person or via telephone/online conference services
  • You know the type of job you want and the type of job you can get
  • You know where to look for those jobs or who to contact
  • You understand what is expected of you on a clinical role (and therefore you can match the expectations)
  • You understand your rights as an employee

☑ This program can help you get where you want if:

  • You are proficient with English and comfortable speaking and listening (or very willing to learn)
  • You are registered with the RCVS or are undergoing registration
  • You are looking for clinical roles in the United Kingdom (even if you’re still living abroad)
  • You are living in the United Kingdom but are not able to get the roles you want
  • You want to get an internship or start a New Graduate program

 This program is probably not a good fit if:

  • Your English skills are basic and you struggle with day to day conversation
  • You have not started registration with the RCVS (you will not reap all the benefits of this program at that stage)
  • You are happy with the job you have and don’t want to change jobs
  • You are comfortable with your skills for writing CVs, cover letters and attending job interviews
  • You are confident that if you want to change jobs, you can still get the roles you are applying for
  • You’re not looking for a clinical role in the UK (contact me if you are looking for a different type of role because I might still be able to help you or point you in the right direction)

Book a Strategy Call

If you think this program might be what you’re looking for and want to have a word with me to see if it’s appropriate for us to work together, book a free 45 minute call with me 🙂

When you enroll in the program, you will have lifetime access to my resources (written, audio, video) for you to refer back to at any point, as well as a list of other recommended resources you can get (that are not just related to getting jobs, but also working as a vet!).

The program is completely tailored to your skills and needs. We will be working together to prepare your CV, cover letters and job interviews. This will include preparation for real interviews you might have scheduled.

At the same time, the whole program is in English to get you used to using the language regularly and improve your linguistic skills.

What’s included


You get lifetime access to the resources I have created and can contact me via email and Facebook

Live support and coaching

4 live 1-hour sessions that can be arranged at your own convenience, which are recorded so you can go back to them later

Community and Networking

Access to facebook groups for Veterinary Surgeons looking for clinical roles in the UK.

Online communities for Veterinary Surgeons. Networking and referrals to recruitment agencies if you wish so

The program modules include:
Career Assessment
  • Defining career goals
  • Defining your skillset
  • Defining your lifestyle
  • Expanding your skills
  • Status of your RCVS membership
  • Understanding client expectations
  • Understanding employee expectations
  • Ongoing education for yourself
  • The difference between general practice and referral practice
  • Private practice, corporations and recruitment agencies
CV construction
  • Choosing the information you should have on your CV
  • Removing information from your CV
  • CV structure
  • Adjusting your CV to different roles
  • Bonus: proofreading and improvement suggestions to your CV (written suggestions you can refer back to)
Cover Letters
  • The importance of great cover letters
  • The structure of a cover letter
  • Creating tailored cover letters
  • Bonus: proofreading and/or creation of tailored cover letter to real job applications
Job Interviews
  • Mindset preparation for job interviews
  • Preparing phone interviews
  • Preparing videoconference interviews
  • Preparing person-to-person interviews
  • Preparing for common interview questions
  • Professional knowledge useful for job interviews
  • Bonus: interview live simulation with feedback provided


Leveraging LinkedIn

  • Creating a profile that attracts recruiters
  • Creating connections with recruiters and employers
  • Becoming visible in the community
Going through this 1-month program will allow you to understand your career path and be able to direct it wherever you want to go. The program is designed to be tailored to your specific individual needs, so it will be different if you want to get a full-time job to gain general experience or to focus your knowledge, or if you’re looking for an internship and residency.

Work With Me

Before you need to decide whether this is for you or not, book a strategy call and we can see if this is the most suited program for how and you can benefit from it.

Frequent Questions About the Program
Is this for me if I don’t have any clinical experience?
Yes, you can still benefit from this program if you don’t have any clinical experience.
Is this for me if I don’t want a job in clinical practice?
This might not be the most appropriate way for you to get a job if you’re not aiming at clinical practice, but book a discovery call and we can see if we can work something out (it could be that one or two single coaching calls do the trick for you! 🙂 )
Is this for me if I don’t want to work in the UK?

No, this program is specifically for Veterinary Surgeons that want to work in the United Kingdom.

Is this for me if I’m not very confident with my English but I’m happy to work on it?
This program requires a proficient level of English because all of it is in English. The thing is, you might not be confident with your English but actually be quite good with it! We can assess that when we speak with each other, so I would suggest you book a discovery call if you’re interested 🙂
How can I pay for this program?

You can use your PayPal account but you can also pay directly with debit or credit card or via bank transfer.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, you can. We will do this privately.

Can I pay in euros/pounds/dollars?

Yes. We can choose the currency that you prefer from euros, sterling pounds or USD. For some of these currencies, you will need to do a bank transfer (if you pay by other method you might be charged a currency conversion fee).

Right, I'm ready for this but I can't join the program on this page! What's going on?

Since this program is very personalised, before we agree to work together we need to discuss it verbally (I might be to full capacity, for instance, or you might not think the program is a good fit for you). So, if you want to work together, book a call with me and we can discuss the program and payment type. You will usually get an invoice on your email (that you can pay using any of the methods described above) or I can take the payment directly when you call me and send you a receipt to your email.

This sounds useful, but how do I know my money is well-spent?
The knowledge and support you have on this program will allow you to apply for several different jobs in a way the market understands – so though I can’t promise you a job myself (I would if I could!), you are much better positioned to get a suitable job. The amount of money you spend on this is less than your monthly salary would be!
So what if I give up the program, what happens to my money?...
If you decide that the program isn’t for you within the first 14 days, you receive half of your money back (if you are paying by instalments, the last one will be cancelled). If you cancel after that, you don’t receive your money back. If you cancel your program you also lose access to all the resources.
Can I not do this myself?
Sure you can, but it will probably take you some time (I mean months-years) to gain this knowledge by experience and you might not want to wait all that time to get the job of your dreams. You certainly don’t want to keep being turned down every time you apply for those vacancies that look like they’re just the right fit for you, do you?
So will I have a job by the end of this program?
Like I said before, I wish I could promise you that, or even that all the preparation in the world will get you that job you really want. But I don’t make promises I can’t deliver and I am not in control of what other people do, so I can’t promise you will get a job. The goal of this program is to put you in control of your skills and know how to make them work for the vacancies you want to apply for. It will give you the tools you need to secure a role and that might still happen while you are undertaking the program, but it could also happen after that.
How quickly will I see results?
This depends on your situation and the amount of action that you take. If you already have a fair bit of work done and have started to apply for jobs, we might be able to get an interview or two during the course of the program. However, this is also quite dependent on your situation and the types of role you want, so it might take longer for you to see those roles available. However, the knowledge you have is applicable from the moment you gain it! And if you wish to save your bonus interview practice for when you get a real interview, we can also do that 🙂
How much time do I have to spend on this program?
Expect to spend about 5 hours per week on this program and I would advise you make 30 mins-1h in your day to practice your English. The results you get depend on the action you take!

Book a Strategy Call

Not sure if this is the right fit for you? Think you may be interested but you’ve got some questions? Book a call with me and we will see the best way to help you 🙂

Other questions? Just ask!

4 + 6 =

Join Top Vet – Own Your Excellence and learn all you need to learn in order to give employees in the UK what they’re looking for.

Learn what they expect of you and find out beforehand whether you want to do it yourself.

Understand how to tweak your skills, CV and cover letters to the jobs you want to get.

Feel confident you can thrive and evolve and start a successful career in the UK now.

Shall We Work Together?

Think this is what you need? Speak to me and we will see if this is the best program for you and whether you would like to work together. FREE strategy call 😀