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Step up to the level of a native UK vet on a clinical role before even leaving your home country

Are you a  European Veterinary Surgeon that is

Tired of working for long long looooong hours and getting little appreciation for it

Not earning as much as you think you should be

→ Looking for a specialised approach to a certain area of Veterinary Medicine and finding yourself limited

→ Applying for veterinary jobs in the UK but getting frustrated with the lack of positive results

Unsure about how to improve your chances of getting a job in the UK

Lost in the bureaucratic process of becoming eligible to work in the UK

Worried about what you need to deal with when you move or completely unaware of what you might actually need to do

Concerned that your skills won’t be “good enough” for the UK market

Worried you’ll “look bad” and be seen as inferior by other profession colleagues

Unsure if your English is “good enough” to be understood – and for you to understand your clients

Not confident in your communication skills when you need to deal with a different culture and language

Afraid of moving due to all the uncertainty of the process

Frustrated with the lack of information and support when it comes to living and working in the UK when you’re a Veterinary Surgeon

Those are not unexpected feelings… You’re trying to enter a system that no one told you how to navigate. You might even have heard it from someone that you thought could help you, but you’re still stuck where you were after trying what they told you to do.

But those unpleasant feelings can all change.

Imagine if you felt you could…

Smoothly complete the process of becoming legally able to practice in the UK

Understand what you want from your life and career

Understand what employers are looking for in a Veterinary Surgeon and match their expectations

Create optimised job applications for the specific roles that you want

Feel confident when you apply for UK-based clinical roles

Deepen your understanding of client expectations to be able to fulfil them

Work on a clinical role that allows you to see a varied caseload and expand your interests and knowledge

Feel confident with the type of Medicine that is seen and practised in the UK without necessarily having done it yourself

Be happy you’re fully capable of communicating professionally with other work colleagues

Understand the implications of moving to a different country and the legal and bureaucratic steps that you need to take that are not directly related to your career path

Feel excitement rather than anxiety when you think about moving to and working in the United Kingdom

Right now you’re not there…

Maybe you’re feeling insecure because you don’t know how things work in the UK and you find it silly to move without that knowledge.

Maybe you’re feeling frustrated because you can’t find anything when it comes to getting that knowledge and, when you do, you don’t know if it’s reliable.

Or you can only find things that aren’t that helpful because they seem to be made for people in the UK (and you’re not quite there yet).

Maybe you don’t actually believe things can be better over there and were told horror stories about people that moved, ran out of money and had to come back to their home country.

Maybe you’ve been told by your friends and family how difficult it is for foreigners to get a job in clinical practice in the UK. And Brexit, oh my, that’s a disaster!

Maybe they also told you about the horrible food and weather… And how hard it is to be away from family and friends.

You might be genuinely worried about what would be of you when Brexit comes into place because no one actually told you what the heck is happening with Brexit.

Everyone keeps telling you it’s bad to move now, the money is devaluing, there’s terrorism, it’s too hard to get a job, it’s too hard to live abroad, Brexit will change everything and you will have to go back to the start – so why bother?

But deep down you know you want to do it. You’ve heard all the excuses from the people around you, now you realise those are their excuses. Their fears don’t have to be your fears. And you’re ready to tackle any fear or anxiety and make it happen for you.

You know it’s possible. You know that there are foreign vets in the UK. And you know they have a career here.

Maybe you don’t know that not all of them have an English language diploma or a perfect language.

Maybe you don’t know that a lot of them are working in clinical practice and didn’t move just to do abattoir work.

But the ones that are doing what you want to do don’t have a top-secret method for success…

The only experience I had when I moved was the one I had gotten as a student following UK equine practice at a referral centre for 4 months. I had zero clinical experience with Small Animal, either in the UK or back home, yet I got a job with at least 75% small animal caseload after going to one single job interview and having applied to 3 or 4 placements.

I went from not knowing much to developing into a confident vet. I knew (some of…) the theory from Vet School. I learnt the practice on my first job. I placed an IV for the first time, I had many “first times” in which I failed miserably and many “pro days” when it was as if I had been doing it for years. I intubated and anaesthetised patients for surgery several times a week. I did surgery several times a week. I did diagnostic workups running blood analysis, x-rays, ultrasound. There was a set of clients that would know me by the name (though some thought I was Polish…) and made appointments to see me. I was prescribing medication daily and must have seen and treated anywhere between 10 and 15 pets a day. I was dealing with emergency calls and with inpatients during the night, usually on my own. And after gaining this experience, I did one application for a rotating internship, got ahead with an interview and was 1 of the 5 selected to take the position.

I am now confident that I can get any type of job that I want. But it was not easy to get to where I am.

I now see that myself and the other foreign people I know that are being successful undertaking clinical roles have some things in common:

⇨ The level of English is advanced: none of us is perfect, but we all communicate in a fluent way and are confident doing so

⇨ We are not afraid to work: even though there is a difference between hard work and exploitation, working as a vet was never easy work and we were all willing to work hard to get where we wanted

⇨ We are interested in adjusting: we want to learn the system we’ve put ourselves into and work effectively in it

⇨ We are willing to change and adapt: we understand we’re dealing with a different culture and adjust to what we need to do in order to make it work for us and the clients

⇨ We actually take action: it’s not just about seeing and learning what is going on around us, we actually apply it to our lives

⇨ We’re not afraid to ask for help: whether this is someone at the practice or someone we know or really just the receptionist, we’d rather ask for help when we don’t know what we’re doing than to screw it up for someone else to fix

⇨ We are reasonable people with reasonable expectations: this may sound weird, but we were not expecting to get a 9 to 5 role with no OOH or on-call earning 35k per year as a first job

⇨ We don’t get paralyzed by fear: do we get worried? Hell yeah. Do we struggle? I sure did! Do we go through rough times? No doubt… But we don’t let it stop us. We may just need to adjust course!

No question that “hands-on” working in the UK is the best way to learn about it, however, it’s possible – and beneficial! – to gain the knowledge and skills required to work in clinical practice in the United Kingdom before starting to work.

Keep in mind that, for an employer, you will likely be perceived as someone that is at a disadvantage with a native vet from a clinical perspective, regardless if this is true or not.

But once you know how things work, you can make them work for you. When you show that you have the same “inside” knowledge, you put yourself at balance with your competition and start to exceed expectations.

How do you think someone hiring would feel if they met a foreigner with superb language and communication skills, plus the knowledge of how Veterinary Medicine works in a country that is not their own and that they’ve not worked in before??

This could be you!

You only need to learn the system… but the people inside the system are too busy working in the UK to tell you how to work in the UK!

When I moved, I came with zero clinical experience in Small Animal Medicine and no job offer whatsoever. All I had done was a 4-month externship during my undergraduate training, and this was done in a Glasgow Equine Hospital, which was also a referral centre. I figured this would have prepared me for clinical practice, but I found out I was very wrong when I got my first job!

I wanted to dedicate myself to horses, but I thought those jobs were not easy to come by and I also wanted to learn about small animal medicine, so I applied for mixed jobs. I got my first job after the first interview I attended. I didn’t need to look for a house because it was part of the deal on my new job offer. I spent one to two weeks following the vet at the practice and then got started myself.

I found myself looking for help all the time. I had to ask what drugs to use, what dose to use, could I have a second opinion on the lump I was looking at, what would they do with this sick dog?… I had to ask to be shown how to do surgery, then have someone assist me the first couple of times I did it, and took me a good while to be able to do routine surgery myself – and I still kept asking “so how do I do this again?”.

But I felt very positive about it because it was as if every day I was learning something new! This was because I was being taught by people willing to spend time explaining things, and I quickly realised that it was often very hard to find things on my own and much easier to ask someone that knew the answer and was willing to spend 2 minutes of their time explaining it to me.

Oh, and I completely missed all the large animal stuff that I felt I was completely useless with. I could pretty much inject animals and feel heads and legs of young calves and lambs getting stuck. I needed to ask help or call for advice for most problems.

The thing was, I was never afraid to ask for help. Better to ask someone else that knows how to do it and learn from them, instead of trying to figure it out myself and end up making a mess out of it that someone else still had to fix…

I needed so much support to get better and confident, but the truth is that it worked!

After some very long months, I was able to do routine surgery on my own, I was quite confident with the way I conducted a consult and performed my clinical examination, I was able to place IV lines (you can ask any of the nurses working with me how much I sucked at that when I first started!!!), I could take x-rays, I knew who to send them to for a second opinion when we didn’t know what were were looking at!, I could interpret blood tests, I could diagnose pyometras from ultrasound scans, I could do ear swabs with one hand and one eye (not literally!), I could look at urine sediment under the microscope and diagnose a urinary infection, I could deliver puppies by c-section, I could stabilise fractures, I could take rotting teeth from pets, I could do anaesthesia on small animals and rabbits, I could sedate most animals alone. I knew what drugs to use, I knew some of the doses and I knew where to find the rest, I (kinda)  knew what I needed to get signatures for and which drugs I needed to lock away.

Yet there was so much more to learn, and so much more to live! I went from the small town (very busy) clinic to the big city hospital. I had applied for a rotating internship, made it to the interview, and after that got an offer.

It was the first time I was working in a hospital environment at a referral level. I was just an intern. But I still felt clueless again… You know when you start working and realise that what you learnt in Vet School isn’t exactly what is done in real life? Well, I felt that way when I went from first opinion to a referral placement… what you do in first opinion isn’t quite what you do in referral!

You see and do even more! You look into cases from a logical point of view, using gold standard procedures and evidence-based medicine. You start to learn about tests you hadn’t heard of or had no access to. You deal with night duties and crashes. There are much higher client expectations and a different level of interaction. It was a lot of hard work and a lot of new knowledge. And, to anyone doing it, it opens the doors to becoming a European-recognised specialist.

All of this was accomplished through hard work, knowledge and experience.

I found it easy to speak English.

I was comfortable playing the role of a successful applicant during job interviews (I was in theatre during my studies).

I’m a natural chatter (people tell me to shut up…) which can make it easier to connect with clients.

I’m a quick learner so I could learn all I was taught with few repetitions.

I’m risk adverse but when I have to do it, I have to do it and I just do it.

But, most of all, I had people willing to guide me and teach me through everything. Even things that were not related to my career!

I understand why it’s hard to find someone like this when you’re stuck home trying to get a job abroad and finding out how things work in the place you want to move to – but you actually still have to deal with your own life… It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack, except no one told you the needle has the shape of a pitchfork instead, so you may be stumbling on the pitchfork without realising it’s what you’ve been looking for.

I understand why people on the other side aren’t able to help you the way you wished… they’re just busy doing their own thing, that same thing you want to do!

At the same time, there’s a lot more you end up worrying about when what you’re looking for is not just a career change, but a life change to a different country.

This is what I propose to change with Balanced Success.

Balanced Success is a one on one program that I’ve developed in which I put all my knowledge, know-how and expertise to the full availability of those really wanting to thrive both professionally and personally.

This is an Empowering program to support you through Life and Career changes. It will give you the knowledge you’re looking for, the confidence you wish to get and support for your questions and problems that might show up before, during or after you move and start working. It’s an integrated model to achieve your goals and reach success.

Imagine how you can feel within four months when:

☑ You’re legally entitled to work anywhere in the United Kingdom

☑ You have the confidence to communicate with other UK vets using technical language

☑ You know exactly what everyone’s talking about when you participate in case discussions taking place in UK-based scenarios

☑ You are reaching out to recruiters and they are reaching back with job offers

☑ You understand what the recruiters and prospective employers want to know about you

☑ You know exactly how to deliver them what they need

☑ You’re proud of your CV – even if before you didn’t feel there was much to it

☑ You know how you can change your CV to make it work for any job offer

☑ You’re confident that you can write a cover letter to apply to any job you want

☑ You probably already have more than one job offer!

☑ You have everything ready to move to the UK or you might actually already be living there!

☑ You know how to set up your bank account and get your NIno. You also know what the NIno is!

☑ You’ve got clarity about your career path or options available to you

☑ You’ve got peace of mind that if something shows up, you’ve got someone that’s familiar with the system you can reach out to ask for help

☑ You know you’re able to get a job that is going to pay the bills and still save up your money – if you don’t have one yet!

☑ You’re not worried about the outcome of Brexit because you know that your skills are valuable

☑ You’re confident you’re able to work in clinical practice in the UK and be competent, even if you’ve had little practical training

☑ You’re confident you know how to conduct an anamnesis and physical examination in a way that is empathetic and creates room to establish a connection with someone with a different cultural background from yours

☑ You’re familiar with other staff members you will meet and have to work with and you’ll know what you can delegate

☑ You’re familiar with the regulations and protocols of the veterinary profession in the UK

☑ You know you can choose a more specialised approach to Veterinary Medicine if you want

☑ You’re being paid by your employer to do more training and formation

☑ You’re likely earning over £1000 per month with your first job

 I can help you if:

  • You have your heart set on the move but are a bit risk-averse and want to learn all you can to improve your odds before “taking the plunge” and moving
  • You are fluent in English (even though you might not be confident with it or with the technical language)
  • You want the best chance at getting a job in the UK before you move
  • You have decided you want to change country and are prepared to meet a new culture
  • You want to become even better at what you do but you don’t want to lose yourself in the process
  • You are willing to learn all the time and get the respect you feel you deserve as a Veterinary Surgeon
  • You strive to be your best self in both your life and profession

 The program is probably not a good fit for you if:

  • You’re not planning on moving to the UK
  • Your level of English is only basic and you struggle with normal conversations
  • You’re just “interested” in finding out more about how Veterinary Medicine works in the UK
  • You’re not ready to ultimately take the risk of moving armed with all the knowledge but not a job offer
  • You’re unwilling to invest in your future self and career
  • You have the confidence or desire to go through the process of moving and finding out how things work in the UK on your own
  • You find it the idea of moving with your current knowledge and in your current situation as exciting rather than scary
  • You are already settled in the UK and looking for jobs, but are not getting the jobs you want (you might want to have a look at the program Top Vet if this sounds like you)

Book a Strategy Call

If you think this program might be what you need and want to have a “feel” for it before you dive in, get on the phone with me and we can see if we can work together – no compromises!

When you enrol in this program, you enrol in a self-discovery and self-improvement journey that is completely personalised to your skills, abilities, goals and desires. This is the ultimate program to boost your life and career from the start when you are just moving. It probably is one of the best investments in yourself and your career that you could possibly make!

You have the ability to reach out to me wherever you are in your career and life path, whether you were losing hope with all the “No”s you were getting or you’ve been able to push through and are now struggling with coping with the responsibilities of your first job or new life.

You will have access to unlimited support and to resources, tools and tutorials to help you. I also strive to improve myself and I’m not afraid to say what I don’t know, but I try to work with people that can fulfil those gaps.

This program is all in English to help you become more confident with your communication skills. Plus, you get to hear someone speak a very wonky English and practice that skill too!

What’s included

Step-by-step guidance

Lifetime access to electronic resources (including some that are still under creation)

Live Support and Coaching

  • 16 live sessions that can be arranged at your own convenience
  • Job interview training session
  • 1 extra session that can be used according to your preference

Community and Connections

  • Access to Facebook community where more experiences can be shared
  • Access to my Facebook messenger and email

The program modules include

Pre-Program Orientation
  • Define your career goals
  • Define your skillset
  • Define your budget
  • Define your time investment and routine
  • Understanding the expectations of clients and other Veterinary Surgeons regarding clinical work in the UK
  • Preparing your RCVS registration if not underway
Language Domain
  • Defining your current level of knowledge
  • Creating habits to improve your language skills
  • Get used to speaking English
  • Understanding the difference between the English that is taught in courses and the “real” English
  • Working on understanding the accents of the places you are most likely to look for a job
Communication Skills
  • Understanding the client-veterinary relationship
  • Discovering your natural communication style
  • Developing techniques to improve your communication in the consulting room
  • Communicating sensitive information to the client
  • Communication with peers – medical English course, clinical notes
  • Understanding the UK market
  • Understanding and defining your working pattern
  • Creating your CV
  • Creating cover letters
  • Preparing for job interviews
    • Mindset preparation
    • Question preparation
    • Bonus live session – interview roleplay or preparation for scheduled interview
  • Bonus: CV proofreading and review
  • Bonus: cover letter proofreading and review, with the option to create together cover letters for real job offers
Professional Training
  • Code of Professional Conduct
  • Informed consent
  • Referral and second opinion
  • Post-Graduations, Certificates and Diplomas
  • CPD and PDP
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • The role of Registered Veterinary Nurses
  • Official Veterinary Surgeons
  • Pet passports
  • Animal Insurance
  • Charity institutions
  • Drug schemes – controlled drugs, off-licence medication and cascade
Technical Competences
  • Routine surgery
    • Common techniques
    • Perioperative care
  • Diagnosis and treatment
    • Most common medical and surgical problems
  • Available medication
  • Prescription


Life Abroad

  • Brexit
  • Flying to the UK
  • Moving with pets
  • Bank accounts
  • Search for accommodation
  • Council Tax
  • Utility services – gas, electricity, phone and internet
  • Money and life cost
  • Public transportation
  • Grocery shopping
  • Taxing system and National Insurance Number
  • Healthcare system
  • Driving licence, getting a car, car insurance and taxes
When you finish this program, you will have all the power and knowledge you could ever gain without leaving your home. The program is designed to provide you information before the move and, at the same time, support you during the move and after you start working in the UK if you wish to do so during the program.

Discover Your Fit

Not sure if this program is for you? Maybe there’s something else more aligned with your goals? Need something with fewer options? No problemo! Get on the phone with me, NO compromise, and we’ll try to find a solution that fits your needs

There are other programs and courses that might be a better fit for you to reach your goals.

Do you have questions about Balanced Success?

Is this for me if I didn’t graduate in a European country?
The programme is more appropriate for people that live in European countries which have the right to work in the UK with a passport. It might still be appropriate for you if you graduate in a different country, but might require more time and different procedures for you to be able to work in the UK. The best way to tell is by booking a call to discuss your situation – with no compromise! I will not offer my help if I don’t feel I can help you.
Is this for me if I’m registered with the RCVS?
Yes! 🙂 You can still go through the vast majority of the remaining modules.
Is this for me if I need to sit the Statutory Examination for the RCVS?
This might not be the most appropriate program for you if this is your case – I’m working on an offering dedicated just to a Veterinary Surgeon’s clinical development and it might be the best place for you to start. But you do get extra benefits on this program and you will still have access to the knowledge required to sit the Statutory Examination.
Is this for me if I’m already in the UK?
Not unless you’re still feeling lost! Much of this program focuses on preparing the move and if you are already in the UK, chances are you will be better served with one of the other products available, whether you’re wanting to improve your employability or clinical skills. If you’re interested in any of them, you can still book a discovery call so you can be advised on the most appropriate program.
Is this for me if I don’t want to go into clinical practice?
No. This program is specifically designed for veterinarians wanting to go into private clinical practice.
Is this for me if I’m looking to get an internship?
Yes! But do book a discovery call beforehand to see where you are in your journey and we will see if this is the most appropriate program.
How can I pay for this program?

You can use your PayPal account but you can also pay directly with debit or credit card or via bank transfer.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, you can choose to pay using a payment plan.

What currencies do you accept?

You can pay for your program in sterling pounds, euros or dollars (USD). For some of these currencies, you will benefit from paying by  bank transfer (if you pay by other method you might be charged a currency conversion fee).

Why can’t I do this on my own?
You can, and if you want to, you should! But it might take you a long time to learn all these things, you will probably make some mistakes, you might not get the jobs you want or the conditions you want or you might just take too long, start to lose hope and give up (adding one more number to the statistics that say almost half of the foreign veterinary surgeons returns to their home country within 2 years and might never had gotten a job).
This sounds amazing but I’m not convinced by the price, how do I know it will be worth it?
The knowledge and expertise you get from this program and all the help you can ask for are putting you on the right track to move and get a job in the UK, reduced stress, within a variable timeframe. Considering a fair salary in the UK is no less than £1000 per month (with your tax deductions done), you pay the cost of three months of coaching with one month of work and you have lifetime access to the course materials… How about that for a deal?
Ok, I'm actually ready for this! But I can't sign up on this page, what's going on???

On this page you can see the details for the program and arrange a strategy session with me, but you won’t be enrolled before we discuss this on the call. This is because the program requires a high level of coaching and I might be working at full capacity or you might not think you need something this complex. If you decide after the call that you would like to work with me, we can then discuss access to the materials and arrange for payment to be done at your convenience.  You will usually get an invoice on your email (that you can pay using any of the methods described above) or I can take the payment directly when you call me and send you a receipt to your email.

How quickly will I see results and get a job in the UK?

I cannot promise you will get the results you wish because this depends on your action and on a variety of other factors – the more time you invest in improving your skills, the quicker you should expect to see results. Dedicate yourself to the language above all else. The program is designed to last for about 4 months, giving you scope to apply to job offers well before and hopefully get an offer. But it’s also hard for companies to compromise with an offering if they’ve not met you in person and if you’re still living abroad – so be prepared to take the chance of moving to the UK, even if on a short-term basis, and you will likely get your best chances there.

Can I get a job before moving to the UK?
I really wish I could promise you that (and I’m doing my best to get some recognition from the UK practices), but I can’t promise you that you will get an offer before moving to the UK. There’s a very high chance this might happen! But, if not, you have to be willing to take a leap of faith if you’re not getting results in the timeframe you were hoping to and move without a job offer – even if only temporarily.
How much time do I need to dedicate to this?

This is highly dependent on the results you want to have. The more time you dedicate to learning and applying what you learn, the quicker and better your results will be. You should be able to spend some hours per week dedicated to the program, but especially 30 mins-1h per day practising your English.

What other investments should I expect?
You will at the very least need to spend money in your RCVS registration (up to £300) and the ticket to get to London! You should also consider the cost of accommodation and transportation (although if you get the right job, you might not need to worry about accommodation). This is highly dependent on the area of the country, but try to save up at least for £800-1000 per month for these expenses (including utilities like gas, electricity and internet on top of your rent) – don’t be scared, it can be quite a lot less!

Working together?

If you’re considering working with me, book a strategy call – no compromises! – to see if the program is a good fit for you.

Any other questions? Feel free to use the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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Join Balanced Success and enrol in the Ultimate journey to be and achieve what you want in your life and career.

You will gain knowledge, develop your skills, adjust what you know to the reality you want to move to and become confident in yourself.

You will have access to my help and support throughout the whole process and we will work together to make it work for you.

Ready to set your life up for success and happiness?