Coaching for Success

Coaching Programs to help you thrive

Coaching For Success!

Coaching packages are particularly useful as they are completely personalised. We spend more time on things that you need to improve and not on what you already know.

Before joining any of the coaching packages, you should go through a strategy call to see if they are a good fit for you and ask any questions you might still have about the programs. The strategy call is completely free and you are not compromising with joining any of the programs by hopping on the phone with me.

All the coaching is performed by me (Andreia Dias), although I will sometimes ask for other people’s help (since they have more expertise in certain areas!).

This is the most complete program you could ask for if you are planning “the big move”. Redesigned to now provide support over FOUR months, the aim is to support you through the challenges of moving to a new country, adjusting to a new culture, finding a suitable job that is what you are looking for and evolving in that role smoothly. It covers job search and application, but also technical and professional skills. On top of that, you will also have support in non-professional life areas.

This is for those that are just missing the opportunities they really want and allows them to understand how to work their applications to obtain the highest chances of being hired. Great for those struggling to find and secure the right role, especially if they are already based in the UK.

Consulting Time

For small problems with big wins

Consulting Time for One Time Problems

Consulting is different from coaching as you don’t have appointments continuity. You can book a 1-hour consulting appointment, during which we will speak on the virtual phone (skype or personal mobile if you prefer) to discuss your problem and a strategy for you to solve it. The difference is that, if you wish to have a follow-up appointment, you need to book another consulting slot (this does not include emails we may change).

Consulting is also paid for when you book your appointment, so make sure to email me first to make sure your problem is worth the 1-hour slot or if there is a better alternative for you (or I can solve it by replying to your email!).

Have a problem and want to arrange a consulting appointment? Tell me about it!

Consulting can be a good option for you if:

  • You want to prepare for a very specific job offer/interview
  • You want to exchange impressions about different vacancies/placements
  • You are dealing with a particular situation and unsure about what to do, for instance, concerned about your mental health due to a problem with a client/team member/patient
  • You need some training in a specific area in a short period of time, for instance, you need technical and practical training about dealing with emergency surgeries before applying for a new role in an OOH clinic
  • You want to make sense of your life path and career goals and discuss options such as Certificates and Diplomas

If you want to book a consultation slot, you can use the calendar below to book it and pay for your appointment (you can use Paypal or Stripe). Please fill in the questions too as it will allow me to prepare in advance.