Mentoring and Coaching for Overseas Vets

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6 weeks to become more confident, knowledgeable and prepared for UK clinical life and its challenges.

If you are about to start your first UK job in clinical practice (or tracking onto your second one after a bad experience!), there’s a good chance you may be scared. At first you were probably excited, now the fear is settling in.

You feel insecure about your skills, a burden to your colleagues who you feel you will have to ask questions all the time, like you don’t know what you’re doing, you can’t decide what’s best for your patients and maybe you will fail as a vet. Everything is overwhelming and you worry you may make a mistake that will cost you this opportunity. Who is this impostor pretending to be a vet?… Is this all a mistake?


You are most definitely not alone – even if this is not your first job.

However, you started this for a reason. And you believe you will get better with hard work and dedication. You DO want to be a good vet. You want to feel like you know enough, you trust yourself, you trust your skills and you “rightfully” belong to the profession of Veterinary Surgery in the UK *spoiler alert – you already do!* 

You want to be a better version of yourself, a better vet than you are.

And you would love to get that confidence without compromising your colleague’s work and your patients’ welfare. But you may also have the added struggles of language barrier, a stressful country move and feeling lonely with your friends and family away from where you now live. Who do you turn to when you are doubting yourself?

I would like to help you through that 

As someone who’s done it and helped others, I truly believe the way I put together these 6 weeks will give you tools that set you up to achieve a fulfilled future. 

☑ This is for you if

  • You are working in small animal practice
  • You feel insecure about your skills and the decisions you make
  • You feel you want to learn more about “real life” UK practice, not what the textbooks say
  • You have limited clinical experience in your own country OR
  • You have no experience with clinical practice in the UK
  • You are struggling to get the required support from your workplace without compromising the work quality of your colleagues and team members
  • You think you would like to discuss the challenges you are facing with someone away from your workplace that has been through similar (including moving in from another country)

 This is probably not for you if:

  • You are working in equine, farm or mixed practice (we only discuss small animal practice – yes I also suffer from impostor syndrome and don’t believe I can adequately prepare you for the large animal/equine world!)
  • You are confident with the process of decision-making in a clinical setting
  • You have clinical experience in the UK and are comfortable with “the way things work”
  • You don’t need any sort of clinical support OR
  • You have a structured clinical support system in place (like a new graduate programme) and you receive enough support through that system
  • You would like to discuss the challenges you face but don’t need any clinical support (contact me as we can arrange this instead)

Here’s how I plan it…

Books don't have "common" in order

You have access to study material and live webinars about the most common presentations you will see in clinical practice. You will also receive exercise sheets focused on supporting your the decisions. The goal is to prepare you to make decisions without the pressure of colleagues and clients, so you can make them when the pressure is on.

The study material and webinars provide you with the most common problems and basic approaches you would be expected to consider in a UK clinical setting.


Coaching calls

You are entitled to 6 coaching calls that we use to discuss your struggles, both clinical as well as workplace-related and “life-related” challenges. They are also practical clinical sessions where we can also discuss your approaches and look into information you want to know more about.

P.S. – I often bring Tony my plush pony to the roleplay sessions.

Real life all the way

It’s not about studying (you’ve done that!), it’s about living what you know. The programme is focused on your work experience, not a “general” approach to “general” problems, so I try to give you the most practical tips I can think of. With this in mind, I am also free for you to contact me for guidance if you are struggling in your first OOH and your backup has no charge on their mobile.

How much does it cost?

The programme costs a total of £600 (VAT included). A payment plan can be arranged where your first instalment is for £150 and the final instalment for the remaining amount is charged after you receive your first salary (we can discuss this further).

If you are interested in the programme, consider discussing it with your employer, as they may be happy to use your CPD allowance to pay for the programme.

Before enrolling please allow me to present the full programme and meet you by talking to you on Skype, Facebook or phone! 🙂 Fill in the form below to get in touch with me.

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Frequent Questions that the Vet has About the Program

Is this for me if I don’t have any clinical experience?
Yes, you can still benefit from this program if you don’t have any clinical experience.
Is this for me if I don’t want a job in clinical practice?

No. This programme is specifically for overseas vets working in small animal clinical practice.

Is this for me if I want to work in mixed/equine/farm practice?

This programme is probably not the best option if you are looking for clinical support, since it focuses solely on small animal practice.

How can I pay for this program?

We will agree on a payment plan on our presentation call before you enroll. You will then receive an invoice with bank details and you will be able to make a bank transfer. Other options may be available.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, you can. Typical payment plan is for two instalments, with the first due before you enroll on the programme, amounting for less than half of the total costs, and the second one after you have received your first salary. We will arrange this on our presentation call.

Can I pay in euros/pounds/dollars?

The standard currency is pounds, however if you still don’t have a UK bank account we can convert this into euros. You will be required to pay this by bank transfer to avoid currency conversion fees (for both of us).

Right, I'm ready for this but I can't join the program on this page! What's going on?

Since I can only take so many mentees at the same time, I need to make sure I have the time to help you. So before you enroll on the programme I always do a full presentation about it and walk you through any questions you may have. I will also let you know in advance if I can take another mentee or when I will be able to do so again. 

This sounds useful, but how do I know my money is well-spent?

This is why we have the presentation call beforehand. The goal of this programme is not to “teach” you, but to give you the tools you need to make decisions, succeed and discuss your problems with an outsider that is more likely to understand your struggles as an overseas vet. If this programme does not align with your needs, I will not recommend it to you.

How quickly will I see results?

This depends on the type of person that you are, your workplace, your situation and the amount of action that you take. Most of the times you will feel glad you’ve been able to talk to someone after the very first call we have once you actually start working!

How much time do I have to spend on this program?

This is highly variable, however account for 1.5 hours for each of our calls, about 1h/week to review the study material and 2-3h/week to really get going with the exercise sheets. You also don’t need to feel rushed – our calls don’t have to be done on a weekly basis.

Help your overseas vet employee

If you are working with an overseas vet that is struggling with small animal clinical practice, consider supporting your employee (and team!) by offering to enroll them on the clinical mentorship programme.


Although I support them with the clinical challenges, I use the calls to discuss their workplace-related struggles as well, which usually means they are much more likely to tell me about their problems as they see me as an indepedent “third party”, giving us a chance to address them before they become “the elephant in the room”.


You may also wish to provide them with language training, which can be done under this programme.

The structure of the programme

Relevant clinical content for the UK

A lot of the times overseas vets are used to different techniques, procedures, materials and diseases. One of their biggest struggles is knowing what is common in the UK and how to commonly address those clinical presentations.

I organise live webinars and provide abbreviated study material covering all areas of small animal clinical practice to make sure they know how to deal with common problems.

After all, common problems are commonly seen.

Individualised support

The vet has the ability to discuss any issues with me privately on the phone. This works very well as a mediation service where I can address the workplace-related struggles and raise relevant questions.

These calls are a safe way for the vet to “let go” of some of their stresses and discuss mistakes without feeling guilty for speaking out.

Each vet can arrange 6 calls, meaning this programme is usually supportive for at least 6 weeks (but more often 2 months).

Easing the workload

Since the vet has the ability to discuss cases and strategies with me, they will likely take it easier on colleagues.

I also make an effort (especially with exercise sheets) to stimulate the vet to focus on what they are more likely to see and use in their current role and practice, not just “any” practice.

I work as a “backup” resource they have if they are struggling with something and have no one to reach out to.

So who am I and why should you trust me?…

My name is Andreia and I’m a vet from Portugal. I started my career in 2015 in Ayrshire, taking on a mixed role in first opinion practice with a strong small animal bias (I am a horse person but that didn’t happen in my career…).

I was blessed with the most supportive role one could ask for. I was literally useless as a new graduate vet, since all my undergraduate training had been focused on horses. I had never done any surgery or even placed an IV catheter on a dog or cat (and you know, a still Thoroughbred is easy peasy, but a cat? Not so much…). However, I was willing to learn – no, I wanted to learn. So I did and became a competent vet.

After my first role I applied for an internship in the Small Animal Hospital of the University of Glasgow. Although it was a 1-year internship, I returned to Portugal after 6 months. I was later able to return to Scotland, where I stayed for a while longer working on UK VetMove and did some locum work on the side until I finished my move back to Portugal in 2018.

I currently visit Scotland every month for some locum work and spend most of my clinical time working at a feline-only clinic. I have also done clinical work in Portugal.

In 2018 I completed the ISFM Advanced Certificate in Feline Behaviour with Distinction and now offer behaviour referrals in Scotland and Portugal.

As you can see, I definitely don’t know it all, but I am always on the path to learn and I understand the struggles of overseas vets. My biggest quality comes from having “been there, done that” and providing tailored support.

I have been involved with UK VetMove as an idea since 2016 and wish to help overseas vets like me succeed and feel like they belong to one of the best regarded veterinary communities in the world.

What costs are involved?

The programme costs £500+VAT and can be added to CPD records, so could be paid for using the CPD budget.

However, before enrolling your team members, make sure you contact me so I can present the programme, meet the vet(s) and clarify any questions you may have. We can also discuss payment plans if you prefer to do so.

If you would also like to support your employee in terms of language skills, there is the option of adding UK VetMove’s Language Bundle. This includes full access to our English lessons, which come in two formats: individual online lessons focusing on clinical cases (value £20/lesson) + group lessons focusing on spoken fluency (value £35/month).

The cost of the clinical mentorship programme with the Language Bundle included is £650 + VAT.

If you would like to enroll more than one vet, you will be eligible for a discount. However, I need to make sure I can take in all the mentees.

If you are interested to hear more about this programme please fill in the form below to arrange a time to discuss it or simply pose your questions.

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