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In this section you will find articles with personal journeys, opinions and advice on a wide range of subjects related to living in the United Kingdom and also the work of a veterinary surgeon. If you don’t see something you’re interested in, feel free to contact me and let me know!


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Understanding Your UK Veterinary Work Contract

SynergyVets is a dedicated veterinary recruitment agency, with almost 30 years of collective experience supporting the profession with locum and permanent personnel. They have a great blog which includes advice for veterinary candidates and students. They have kindly...

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Common “exotic” pets you have to deal with in the UK

People in the UK love animals. They are members of their family, even those you would not necessarily expect. Maybe you’re thinking that if you work in clinical practice, you’ll come across mostly dogs and cats - and you are right… But there are other animals that you...

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What you don’t know about UK veterinary new grads

You probably have not met many vets that studied in the UK. Yet, if you want to work in the UK, they are going to account for a huge proportion of the people around you. Although they’ve also been to vet school, just like you, their experience and “baggage” may be...

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Transferwise vs. Revolut – which one to choose?

You’re about to travel to the UK and you are trying to save as much money as possible, so you’re looking into solutions to avoid all those expensive conversion fees. Maybe you’ve heard of some tools, maybe you’re just investigating the possibilities for the first...

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Top tips for successful job applications

Finding a job in the UK is not easy, but finding a job that you can perform adequately is a bit more tricky. And once you find that job, you then need to be able to “sell” yourself to the employer. So this article is going to focus on a few tips to help you create a...

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Common diseases you will deal with in older cats

This week we are focusing more on the clinical side of being a vet and since I’m a crazy cat lady, I thought I would write about some of the most common problems you will pick up when you are examining cats in the UK. I’m curious to hear if this is also what you find...

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