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Need an extra push to embrace the challenges of a career in the UK? Let us help you reach your goals.

Career Development and Relocation Programmes

RCVS Membership

RCVS registration is a requirement for practising in the UK

We offer you all the information you need regarding your RCVS membership.

UK VetSchool

Lessons, group classes, free resources and our signature clinical programmes

In our free e-learning platform you will find training courses that teach you how to succeed as a Veterinary Surgeon in the UK, even if you are a new graduate. Give your career its best chance.

It’s great having a conversation with someone that has gone through the same things you are going through right now, specially once you’ve made the decision of moving to the UK. UK VetMove was the reason why I finally decided to make the move to improve my career. Andreia has been more than helpful through the whole process and I feel she knows how to give good advice because she’s been on your shoes!

Beatriz Torresano

Spanish Vet

I initially started with the English lessons which were great and after seeing how beneficial they are and all the information Andreia is providing I felt sure to change to the mentoring program.
Andreia covered all the mandatory treats a new to the profession vet would have to deal with in the UK and other more advanced questions that came afterwards.
I sincerely thank you Andreia and I hope more new to the UK and to the profession vets will be lucky to join your mentoring programme.

Mina Pantazoni

Greek Vet

Upcoming Talks & Workshops



Virtual Workshop

Developing healthy intercultural relations

This workshop is for any foreign vet wanting to understand the British culture and create bonding intercultural relationships with team members and clients to improve the work environment and professional skills.



Virtual Workshop

Creatin success in practice as an overseas vet

This workshop is for overseas vets already living in the UK and going through the difficult adaptation period in life and in their jobs. The workshop will help you plan your career and improve your professional skills for UK practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me find a job?

Yes! However, we are not a recruitment company! We work closely with clinical practices looking for vets, and our packages include job application training, referrals and clinical training. We focus on small animal practice and our goal is to prepare you for the realities of UK clinical practice.

How Do I Know if YOUR PROGRAMME Is Right for Me?

Our programmes are aimed at Veterinary Surgeons who plan to make a career in the UK. We provide a wide range of information, classes and individual mentoring that prepares foreign vets for the reality of UK practice. We will offer you a free, complimentary introduction videoconference with Andreia, who will be able to tell you if any of our programme is a suitable match for you. Contact her to arrange your videoconference.


We certainly hope so! On our e-learning platform UK VetSchool we offer UK VetTalks, a programme aimed specifically at training and improving your English level and gaining confidence in communicating without fears.

Do You Offer RELOCATION Services?

Moving to the UK can sound like a lot. Immigration and Brexit, finding a place to live, bank accounts, social security, tax system… It IS a lot! As part of our recruitment service and helping overseas vets moving to the UK, we do provide support for the relocation and more. Contact us for further informations.

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Veterinary Mindset

Veterinary Mindset

Who’s Taking the Wheel of your Life? There’s one big realisation that you must come to, and it’s something that you...

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