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The Three Steps you need for Success

About a third of the veterinary workforce in the UK has trained overseas, but many foreign vets are not where they want to be with their careers. If you don’t want to feel frustrated about the difficult transition, you need to get three things right:

Take the next step in your carer

Get the job you need for your career goals

Understanding what you want and what you can get is fundamental to choose a workplace where you can thrive, make more money and maintain your mental well-being, not the opposite!

Don’t make costly mistakes

Prepare the relocation 

A stress-free relocation is difficult to get and the wrong preparation can easily go over your budget for the move with unexpected expenses and mistakes.

The number one cause of failure

Prepare a successful adaptation

Despite what you may think, failure to adapt to the UK culture and work environment is the main reason why vets return to their home country without having achieved what they were looking for.

Career Development Internship Programme

RCVS Membership

RCVS registration is a requirement for practising in the UK

We offer you all the information you need regarding your RCVS membership.

It’s great having a conversation with someone that has gone through the same things you are going through right now, specially once you’ve made the decision of moving to the UK. UK VetMove was the reason why I finally decided to make the move to improve my career. Andreia has been more than helpful through the whole process and I feel she knows how to give good advice because she’s been on your shoes!

Beatriz Torresano

Spanish Vet

I initially started with the English lessons which were great and after seeing how beneficial they are and all the information Andreia is providing I felt sure to change to the mentoring program.
Andreia covered all the mandatory treats a new to the profession vet would have to deal with in the UK and other more advanced questions that came afterwards.
I sincerely thank you Andreia and I hope more new to the UK and to the profession vets will be lucky to join your mentoring programme.

Mina Pantazoni

Greek Vet

Upcoming Talks & Workshops

30 Jan


Virtual Workshop (UK VetSTART Internship)

Consultation skills for 1st Opinion Practice

This 3-hour workshop will give you the practical skills you need to run fast idependent consultations where you can diagnose your patient and make the client happy.

This workshop included in the UK VetSTART Internship, but can be undertaken by those who are not doing the internship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me find a job?

Yes! However, we are not a recruitment company! We work in partnerships to provide support for job applications, referrals and clinical support. If you are looking for a job, contact us.

How Do I Know if YOUR internship PROGRAMME Is Right for Me?

Our programmes are aimed at Veterinary Surgeons who plan to make a career in the UK. We provide a trial period for most of our programmes that is free of charge, so you can see if they are the right fit for you. If you have other questions, you can still contact Andreia via email or by arranging a videoconference/call with her. 


We do not run a preparation course for the RCVS exam but we recommend people take VetSwot, they have kindly provided a 10% discount on their preparation course, which is 100% online.


Due to a lot of demand and work with the development of our programmes, we no longer have the ability to run individual career development sessions free of charge. Career development sessions can still be booked via our calendar system, but they now have a charge of £55 for a 1-hour long session. However, there is a weekly Q&A session that is free for anyone to join, which you can access here.

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Veterinary Mindset

Veterinary Mindset

Who’s Taking the Wheel of your Life? There’s one big realisation that you must come to, and it’s something that you...

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