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The top three problems foreign vets face when starting their UK career are…


English Skills

Many employers feel that foreign vets don’t have good knowledge and fluency in spoken English regarding common conversation topics, but also struggle with technical (medical) English.

Communication Skills

Differences in culture and difficulties with the language mean foreign vets struggle to clearly communicate with team members and clients and are more likely to receive a complaint.

Clinical Skills

Young foreign vets usually have significantly less clinical skills (especially surgical skills) and are not familiar with the particular differences of applying those skills in the United Kingdom. 

This is How UK VetMove Helps

Aiming to give you the tools for success. And help others help your success too.

English Lessons

Bitesize online lessons specifically written for vets that focus both on English but also on the clinical aspect of the profession.

Group English Classes

A monthly subscription providing you access to 4 group classes with other vets to practise speaking English.

UK VetStart - Clinical Mentoring

Starting out your first UK job and worried about not knowing what to do? If you are in small animal practice, this 3-month clinical mentoring programme will help you get on track.

There's even more...

The right information is key – and it’s also free!

Resources for You, organised

Access all different types of resources for free, either from UK VetMove or other websites that have what you need to succeed.

Guides, webinars, courses, you name it – you can probably find it on the resources section.

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With opinions and highlighting a little bit of everything, there’s probably a blog covering your question – wondering how to improve your x-ray reading skills? What corporate practices are? How insurance works? What are recruitment agencies? We’ve got you covered! And if it’s not there, let us know!

And who am I?…


Hi. My name is Andreia. I’m also a Veterinary Surgeon. I’m Portuguese but I started my career in Scotland back in 2015.


I was determined to get a job and after persisting I found one. It was only as I spoke to other friends in other parts of the country that I realised how lucky I was – I got a job with zero clinical experience where I was able to learn all that has turned me into a confident and competent vet… while my friends left their jobs 3 months into them as they were told to take on emergency surgeries on their own, despite having been “promised” support.


I continued to work in clinical practice and decided to take on a more specialised approach, so I got a rotating internship at a small animal referral hospital, a highly sought placement and place, where I was able to learn even more.


By then, UK VetMove already existed. I created it using my knowledge and experience to guide other vets struggling with the process. Since 2017, when UK VetMove first started, I have helped our colleagues create top notch job applications, find the right jobs, learn the right clinical skills and finally move to a completely new country to create the life and career they have dreamt of.


Is it your turn now?

Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.

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