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Registering with the RCVS is the first step for any qualified Veterinary Surgeon that wants to work in the UK. Find out why, how to do it… and what is this RCVS?

Working in the UK

Tips for finding a job, how to successfully apply and get it as well as career choices you have when you work in the UK.

Moving and living

How to actually do the move, find a place to live, deal with things like bank accounts, cars, and the weird languages they have (thought they all spoke English?…).

Online English Lessons For Vets


Wanting to improve your English skills while focusing on the English that you need to know as a veterinarian and still keep working on your clinical skills?

We have created individual English lessons specifically thinking about vets using clinical cases and focusing on both the English and the communication and clinical skills and tried to make them affordable for everyone. Learn more about them!


Does this sound like what you are feeling right now?

You’re tired. You work a lot. Long hours, difficult clients, successful cases and others not so easy to deal with. You don’t see your work reflected in your salary.

On the other hand, you also don’t have a lot of time to enjoy life!!! You want to do more, learn more, but feel a bit stuck where you are. You might be a bit worried about changing to a new job – is it going to be just the same??? Will you find a better position? It doesn’t sound like it’s easy to find a good job anywhere and specialising sounds even harder

Or maybe you have always wanted to work in clinical practice, but… it just didn’t happen… and now? Pfff too late, you think… but maybe, if someone could teach you, you could get back on track with your dreams…

So you keep dreaming…

You may have thought about moving to the United Kingdom… they speak English – and so do you!

They are known for high standards in clinical practice, with many clients insured. There are referral centres and you can go through the specialisation route – something that might be very hard or impossible back home!

The caseload is high, you hear about getting so much experience and getting good salaries with a good life balance… But is it true?

And even if it is, it still sounds challenging! Where do you even start? How do you transfer your Veterinary Degree? And do you have enough experience to actually get a job? Where do you look for jobs? Heck, what type of jobs are even there? And where will you move to, do you have money to afford all of this?… Sure you keep dreaming about it… but could you do it?…

If I did it, so can you!

Andreia Dias, MRCVS, creator of UK VetMove.

Andreia Dias, MRCVS, creator of UK VetMove.

Hi. My name is Andreia. I’m also a Veterinary Surgeon. I’m Portuguese but I started my career in Scotland.

I graduated at the end of 2014. I totally wanted to be a horse vet (I love horses!) so I had spent 4 months at an equine hospital in Scotland during my degree. That was it, that was my clinical experience! No other curricular training, no small animal “internships”!

But I got a job in mixed practice in April 2015 after my first job interview, with zero small animal experience! I learnt my technical skills and my surgical skills on that first job. I appreciate how lucky I was! After that, I got a rotating internship at a small animal referral hospital, a highly sought placement and place.

And I’m here now.

I started this website when I was still on my first job. I wanted to do more and I figured I was best positioned to help other people on a similar journey. Why? Because some things you learn by experience (and you learn them the hard way!), but some others you’d be quite glad to know before! Fear can be paralyzing and sometimes you don’t realize that’s what’s holding you back!

I’m here to share my experience and knowledge and to help you answer those questions that are holding you back. I did this back in 2014, straight out of Uni, without having ever placed an IV on a cat!

And you can do it now!

Looking for the job of your dreams?


While I’m not a recruiter, I understand the importance of your first UK-based job – get it right, you’re on a high; get it wrong, it could be the highway to hell! This is why I’m so passionate about guiding others through the secrets and traps of job searching and helping them find the job that fits their career goals and they can succeed at. So if you are interested in this, make sure you talk to me to see if what you want can happen by working together with me in a personalised and individual 1-month long program.

The latest blog articles…

How to join a supporting peer network

So the title of this blog may be a bit confusing for you - what the heck am I talking about using all these “fancy” words???   Here’s the thing - when we come from a different country to live and work in the UK, we are going to face challenges, a lot of...

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5 myths about clinical practice in the UK

Many overseas vets have a bit of an idea about UK practice and that’s why so many of them want to practise veterinary medicine in the UK, even if temporarily. However, not all we think is true actually is true. There are some myths about UK practice that I would like...

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"Inside" value

With opinions and highlighting a little bit of everything, there’s probably a blog covering your question – wondering how to improve your x-ray reading skills? What corporate practices are? How insurance works? What are recruitment agencies? We’ve got you covered! And if it’s not there, let us know!

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

African Proverb

What else do you need help with?

We understand the journey can be confusing and overwhelming (and, simply put, turn out quite bad if things go wrong!). We also understand the power of support, guidance and mentoring – so we try to help you with what you need, whatever that might be! If you’ve got a problem, we will try to help you! We can help you with your RCVS registration, job application or even coach you through the move and clinical and professional aspects of working in the UK.

Learning How To Create Job Applications

The rules of the game are different in the UK – if you are applying for jobs, you will need to play by their rules to get them.

But how do you learn about them? If you want to do this yourself, you can get some guidance through the downloadable guide that Andreia wrote on how to create successful job applications for the UK market – even comes with a CV template for you!

Have your CV the UK way

Were you ever taught how to create a CV? Want to make sure yours is right for the job you are applying for? Andreia has created a super-useful and affordable CV proofreading service. Not only you get your English correct, you also get your CV put in the “UK way”! And ten times cheaper than similar services offered in the UK!

Wow them with your cover letter

You may not have heard about cover letters, but they are what gets you real interviews (like, the ones you have a chance at). They can be tricky to build, or maybe you just want to make sure yours is highlighting the best of you. Again, Andreia has a proofreading (and tailoring) service for you to make sure you get it right! 🙂

Master the Game - but not alone!

The thought of starting a new life in a new country can be overwhelming. But what if you didn’t have to do it on your own? What if you could have help and support to not just get a new career, but also a new life? Andreia dedicates some of her time to individually helping colleagues struggling with the move – from sharing clinical knowledge, to finding the right job and also the right places, this might be the answer to your prayers! This particular program is highly intense (4-month long) so she might not always have vacancies – make sure you talk to her if you are interested!

Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.

Paul Ryan

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Meet other like-minded foreign vets and students striving for a better life and a career abroad in the UK.

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